Shop for ethnic wear kurtis in different styles and fabrics, only at Brijraj. Kurtis have become much more versatile and mainstream. Earlier, only the women who always picked ethnic wear liked wearing kurtis but with the acceptance of kurtis as formal wear, women are preferring kurtis more than never before.But, don't you think kurtis are limited only for office wear or casual wear. Party wear kurtis are equally rocking.

The thing about the kurtis is that there are tons of style that will win your heart.Buy

Anarkali Kurtis:

There are so many types of kurtis that we can spend forever tracking the new designs and talk about them. But for convenience, we have separated the kurtis into the following categories and you can see the collection by hopping on to the respective links:Anarkali Kurtis: These are just the spin off or a fuss free way to wear the very popular and loved Anarkali dresses.

You all know about Anarkali suits and how they're best suited for weddings and big parties in a traditional set-up. But what if you want to wear an Anarkali dress casually? What if you want a cheaper option? Then, go for Anarkali kurtis.

They come in frock style, kalidaar style and A-line style Anarkalis. These days Anarkali kurti with slits is also in trend.Embroidered Kurtis: We, as Indians, are proud of our culture and tradition, which is why we love embroidery. There are so many to choose from. Top ones that we can recall right now (Hint: because they're in vogue these days) are kashmiri embroidery, cross-stitch, zari work, dabka work, chikankari and basic resham thread embroidery. Embroidered kurtis are again a great option for party wear.

Even for casual wear, you can go for light resham thread embroidery.Printed Kurtis: As evident from the name, these kurtis are full of printed patterns. Printed designs are the best options for casual wear. They are much more durable than embroidered stuff and they look insanely amazing.

Do note that these styles we're mentioning aren't exclusive. They are always mixed and matched with other styles. For example, our latest printed kurtis designs are full of styles like Anarkali, double layered and A-line.Straight Kurtis: We believe these go best as the formal kurtis. But don't bind yourself thinking that straight kurtis are only for formal wear.

It's just that these kind of kurtis are the most basic style that women have been wearing since ages. The best part is the style never goes out of style. Did you see what we did there? So, if you're a little apprehensive with your clothing choices, straight kurti is your safe haven!Solid Kurtis: Sometimes, even we think the nomenclature we pick for some styles is quite confusing and weird. Solid kurtis don't really mean they're made of rock or something. Yes, the fabric is solid but what we truly are referring to is the solid colored kurtis.

Just one color in the entire kurti basking in its full glory! That's the style a lot of women with sophisticated taste in clothing pick.Gown Style Kurtis: As evident from the name, these kurtis are more like a gown. You may also know them as the more popular name of maxi dress kurtis. They're the western yet Indian version of kurtis ideal for party wear and casual wear.Apart from these six styles, there're several kurti styles like high-low kurtis, C-cut kurtis, Angarakha kurti, kaftan kurti and many more. There's also a classification done on the basis of occasion – party wear, casual wear and office wear kurtis.

The use is evident just from the name.Now, that you know about the kurti styles, you need to know a bit more about kurtis online shopping. Why online shopping? Who has the time to go to a store and spend hours checking the designs when you can buy everything online?Things You Must Know About Kurtis Online ShoppingIf you're planning to buy kurtis online, keep the following in mind:Shop for readymade kurtis. There's no point in going for a fabric and then asking your tailor to stitch the design for you. It involves too much of hassles and is costly option as well.Get yourself measured by a professional tailor if you're doing ethnic wear online shopping for the first time.Always prefer an online store that exclusively caters ethnic wear. Why? Because, kurtis are ethnic wear and if you're going to shop from a store that doesn't have ethnic wear as their core product, you'll most probably end up with sub-standard designs or old designs.

Make sure you check the return policy. If you're shopping with us, don't worry at all. We have no questions asked return policy on kurtis. These are readymade products.Good quality surpasses all. So, if you see a kurti but you think it's a tad bit expensive, it's probably because of the material used. It will last you a lifetime. Shop it!Any more questions about kurtis online shopping? Contact our chat support and ask! We'll be happy to help.