Why You Should Not Buy Pure Silk Sarees

why you should not buy pure silk sarees

Pure silk sarees are one of the most loved forms of traditional wear in India. They are elegant and graceful and very appropriate for festive occasions and family celebrations. However, going for pure silk may not always be a good idea. And there are a number of reasons for this which we will see shortly. The market today has a number of hybrid fabrics and alternatives to the pure silk sarees.

pure silk

So here is why you should not buy pure silk sarees the next time you head for an ethnic wear shopping spree.

1.Too delicate a fabric

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage when it comes to pure silk is the extremely delicate nature of the fabric.

  • Pure silk gets easily wrinkled and you will always need a steam iron to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles.
  • It also fades over a period of time, developing a peculiar yellow tint.
  • Sweating can be particularly damaging for the pure silk fabric.
  • They are highly susceptible to damage caused by liquid stains.

2. Burns a hole in the pocket

Talking of pure silk, there is not an iota of doubt in the fact that it is a very pricey fabric. Since the fabric is manufactured with a lot of difficulty and also has that typical sheen and elegant appearance, you have to pay a heavy price every time you go and buy an apparel made of pure silk.

This can play spoilsport when it comes to your budget, and may not be an economically viable option on most occasions.

3. Requires utmost care

Pure silk sarees require utmost care and protection as compared to apparel made of other fabrics such as cotton.

  • Pure silk fabrics should be dry-cleaned, which is again a cost (we have already seen that buying the fabric itself is a huge cost in the first place).
  • If you are looking to hand wash the fabric, you again need to ensure that you make use of mild detergents.
  • Twisting the fabric rigorously is something you need to avoid at all costs.
  • Use of bleach or chemicals to wash pure silk should be strictly avoided.
  • After the wash, air-drying is equally important to maintain the fabric well.

4. Special storage needed

While we have already observed that the pure silk fabric is highly delicate, another reason which does not make it the best choice when it comes to sarees is that it can easily get damaged by insects too.

Thus you have to make sure that you store your pure silk sarees with extra care so that insects and moths can be kept at bay.

The storage areas should also be bereft of moisture. With different seasons round the year, especially the rains, it can be difficult to maintain special storage facilities for your pure silk fabrics.

5. Ethical concerns

While this may not impact you directly, but there are ethical concerns revolving around the production of pure silk. A huge number of silkworms are needed for the production of the fabric.

An important fact to note here is that the collection of silk cocoons means that the worms cannot reach maturity.

This, in turn, impacts the life cycle of these organisms which raises a question mark on the ethics of the overall silk production process.

So while we all love to splurge when it comes to clothes, pure silk sarees may not be the ideal choice because of the above reasons. Instead, we encourage you to look for alternatives that are equally appealing, easy to maintain, and cost-effective too.

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