What’s Best For Office Wear Sarees?

office wear sarees

Which fabric and pattern looks truly professional? Can you wear georgette to office? And those bold prints? Answers are in this post.
But first, let’s discuss cotton. Most of the professional women we have personally dealt with ask for cotton, specifically. They believe nothing else is fit for the job. Well, in a way, it’s true. Due to stiffness of the fabric, cotton stays right in place and looks good. But the very pro is the con because of how it’s very tough to maintain that unwrinkled look you need for office. For young women who wear sarees occasionally, it’s even tougher to manage the drapes of the saree. So, cotton, though a good option, may not be the best.
best for office wear sarees

What fabrics are best for office wear sarees? 

  1. Rayon

A few of you may not like the fabric because of its slightly smooth and slippery nature. Just a couple of safety pins here & there can fix that issue.
Why rayon? Because it’s light weight, has a unique sheen, and a good fall. Think of it! Any hotel or big branded shop that has a dress code of sarees for women often have rayon sarees. Why?
It’s only with the schools that sometimes make the folly of cotton sarees or with the professionals that enjoy the freedom of picking the fabric out of their own choice.
You must remember that formal sarees are not your regular sarees and what’s best for office wear sarees may not be your regular choice for sarees. Accept it and embrace it!
2. Georgette & chiffon sarees
Chiffon & georgette sarees are truly versatile – as party wear, casual wear and formal wear. For summer wear, these two fabrics act as the light-weight and breathable choices, the very best, for sarees. They’re easy to maintain, drape and wear for long hours.

What patterns are best for office wear sarees?

Clearly, you cannot wear any pattern to office. There has to be a sense of style to it but more importantly, a vibe of professionalism to the design.

  1. Small geometric motifs

For rayon sarees, small geometrical motifs – circles, squares or checks, stripes, polygons… these are the best. They look very intricately placed and make the outfit look really good.
2. Small floral motifs
Florals can be tricky for office wear but doesn’t mean you cannot carry them with grace. Just the size of motifs should be super small.
3. Solid sarees
Of course, if you’re going for cotton or georgette, solid colored sarees – no prints & no risks – are a really good option.
We don’t want to confuse with option, not that you have many with formal sarees. There’s a particular choice of outfits that has to be made for such an occasion & we have already given you everything you need to make a good choice.
Also, don’t act frugal and pick low quality fabrics, influenced by low prices. Office wear sarees, already reasonably priced and low cost product, need great durability as you will wear those often. Make sure you’re investing in the quality that can handle that. You can shop for our collection of office wear sarees on our online shop. Check office wear sarees from the sarees menu.

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