What Makes A Good Saree?


sarees online is even trickier. What is it that you need to know? https://brijraj.com/blog/why-not-buy-pure-silk-sarees

  1. Fabric

You step into a shop and the person asks you for the range and saree styles you require. Fabric – well, they almost always call the shots with the fabric. They sell you expensive designs but very rarely, they discuss the fabric. Do notice that when the fabric would be very light and silky, they would do anything to avoid the conversation about the fabric. It’s because the light and silky fabric doesn’t stay. When you’re looking for a saree, you need a fabric stiff enough to stay put when you pleat it up. So, the soft malmali thing is a big no no. Go for dupion silk, chiffon, georgette and likewise fabrics.

2. Fit of the saree

Depending on the work of the saree, it will look different on you. A saree with a heavy pallu is a great option but not so much for a heavy woman. The one thin drape of that pallu around your bottom will ruin your look. Rather, go for heavy pleats or a heavy blouse design when you’re dealing with heavy weight issues. Needless to say, do the opposite for the opposite effect.

3. The simple, the better

It’s a suggestion we have for young girls looking forward to wear sarees on occasions like college farewell, ethnic day at office or even a wedding that they’re attending. Lucky for you, plain sarees with fancy border or blouse are in trend. They look sophisticated and go well according to the age of young girl. Of course, ignore this point if you’re shopping for your own wedding or are anything above 30.

4. Silk is still awesome

For women who don’t want to insanely heavy embroidery and still want a heavy saree, we always suggest silk. In fact, silk is the most popular fabric for wedding sarees. It looks good, heavy enough but is extremely light to wear (comparatively, of course). The look of the fabric is unmatchable and no matter how much embroidery you put on the saree, it cannot match the grandeur of silk. In fact, if you try hard enough, you will end up looking tacky. Don’t try. Love the silk. But yes, pure silk may not be the best choice. Find out why in this post on pure silk sarees that we posted a few days back. In present days, pure silk looks good and feels royal but doesn’t come with practicality of use.

5. Quality over quantity

When buying sarees online, people often run for the brands and products at the lowest costs. Online shopping is no longer about the cheapest products, because nobody wants those replicas that may cost very less but look horrible for sure. Focus on the quality – the sheen of the fabric and the finesse of the embroidery.  If you’re on a tight budget, pick a lighter design. With good quality, it will still look better than that heavy replica from the Ambani functions you saw on social media. How do you judge the quality when shopping online? Just find a good brand and stick to it. It would be our fortune if you try our products because we definitely are proud of the quality we sell along with our no replicas policy. The latter is a policy rarely implemented by a Chandni Chowk based brand, considering the place’s reputation for selling designer replicas but that’s just how it is. We practice what we preach. Anyway, we hope the post helps you out in being better at purchasing sarees. Tell us if it does!]]>

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