Wear Jacket Anarkalis the Stylish Way!

jacket style anarkali suits


Anarkali suits with jackets are those wonderful outfits which bring together royalty and elegance. While we are all well-versed with the conventional Anarkalis, the ones with jackets are in vogue these days and look simply classy.

Today, we bring you some useful styling tips for Anarkali suits with jackets. These will ensure that you exude confidence and charm, and look stunning. Here we go!

anarkali suits with jackets

  • Side drape the dupatta

Jacket style Anarkali suits are a complete outfit in themselves. So we recommend that you always side drape the dupatta when wearing one. This will ensure that you do not take the focus off from the main outfit, and the jacket is visible in full splendour. One of the simplest yet most effective styling tips for Anarkali suits with jacketsside drape the dupatta.

  • Experiment with the bottoms

Gone are the days when Anarkali suit bottoms were all about well-fitted churidars. In this day and age where emphasis is laid on fusion of the traditional and contemporary, you can experiment with different types of bottoms for Anarkali suits with jackets.

Go for narrow straight pants or the highly popular palazzo style. These are great stylish alternatives to the churidar and look simply amazing. You can browse through our wide collection of jacket style Anarkali dresses with a variety of bottoms!

anarkali suits with jackets

  • Belt it up

Belts are a statement accessory these days and go really with jacket style Anarkali dresses. Having a belt at the waist adds a striking appeal to the outfit and makes it visually more stunning. However, it is advisable that you use a belt only if you have a flat belly. Go for belts in hues that are in contrast with the colour of the main outfit and you are on your way.

  • Using the right jewellery

For Anarkali suits with jackets, it is usually advisable to avoid neck jewellery and go for heavy earrings. This will balance out the overall look, not take away anything from the outfit, and make you stand apart in a crowd.

This is all the more appropriate as well since jacket Anarkalis usually come with a collared neck which does not leave any room for wearing neck jewellery. As for the earrings, you can opt for the traditional chaand balis- they are simply stunning.

  • Hair that make waves

anarkali suits with jackets

One of the best ways to style your hair with jacket Anarkali dresses is through soft curls. These look natural and go really well with the jacket. A word of caution here- keep the waves as subtle as possible and do not go overboard with the hair sprays. Once you have curled up the hair, side sweep them and you are all set.

  • Shoes matter

As with all other traditional outfits, the choice of shoes really matters with traditional wear. For jacket-style Anarkali dresses, we recommend high pencil heels. These accentuate the grace of the outfit by many notches and are a great way to make your presence felt. Opt for heels in nude shades; these go well with any colour. Hues that are the same as that of the outfit are a strict no when it comes to shoes for jacket Anarkalis.

Keep in mind these styling tips the next time you wear a jacket style Anarkali suit, and get that flattering look you have always wanted. Happy dressing up ladies!

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