How to Wear Fish Style Lehengas?

tips to wear fish style lehengas

Do you have to be thin to wear fish style lehengas? Do you need a particular body type to wear this style? When is it okay to buy a fish style lehenga?

Here’s the thing – fish style lehengas are quite inexpensive as compared to other A-line and kalidaar lehengas. They’re also girlish and appropriate for young women who like new styles. They also look very good when worn right. For party wear or functions, a fish style lehenga is a great option.

Tips to Wear Fish Style Lehengas

fish cut lehngas

The problem happens when you’re unsure whether fish style lehengas would look good on you or not. Would it highlight your problem areas? Would it make you look fat? Worry no more. We’re here to address all these questions today and help you pick the right lehenga.

First of all, it’s true that fish cut lehengas are tricky, especially for a women with a pear shaped body. If your bottom part is heavier, you should tread towards fish cut style with caution. But at the same time, it’s not necessary that it won’t look good on you. You just have to pick the right style.

The basic rule is to bring the attention away from your problem areas. So, if you have a heavy bottom and still want a fish cut lehenga, you should probably bring the attention towards the bottom part of your legs. Think of heavy detailing on the bottom part or the border only. Hmm… that will be nice.

You can also opt for light designs – we don’t mean to mar your party wear look. It’s entirely possible to buy a very stylish fish style lehenga without so much embroidery on it. Think of net or georgette. Think of a lehenga with a heavy choli. A heavy dupatta, maybe. You just need to shift the details until they look perfect. If you cannot have too much of detail around your below waist area, you can certainly have them elsewhere – bottom, blouse and dupatta. Doesn’t that seem simple and good?

Yes, it’s that easy to pick fish style lehengas.

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We’ll also suggest you to try a nice flowy fabric when opting for fish cut. It’s not that common but it’s very good for women who want to adopt this style but are a bit skeptical.

Another tip is to play with the dupatta. We believe you already got the point of playing with the design and detail. Didn’t you? Now, you can style a dupatta in so many ways and that dupatta can truly make all the difference. A long flowing dupatta wrapped around your sides may hide those problem areas like they never existed.

There you go! All it takes is keeping one or two things in mind – the details should be at appropriate places to hide your problem areas and the other parts of the lehenga should work in your favour. Viola! You can now wear fish style lehengas and look better than never before. Tell us if you’re going to try it. Don’t forget to buy fish cut lehengas from our online shop if your shopping is still pending. You will love our designs and quality. Try it.

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