8 Types Of Anarkali Suits You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Types of anarkali suits

Talk of elegance, sophistication, and royalty rolled into one piece of clothing, and the answer is Anarkali suits. These wonder fabrics, inspired from the Mughal era, are a rage among women of all age groups for all occasions. And which is why we thought it will be great to put together a list of different types of Anarkali suits that you need to try at least once. You will be surprised to know the diversity and depth on offer, so let’s get started!

  • The layered Anarkali!

types of anarkali suits

The latest one in the types of Anarkali suits, the layered Anarkali has caught the fancy of almost every woman. Those bouncy layers with a ‘queen-like’ look and feel to them are a great way to win hearts. Go for these if you are someone who loves ‘all the great things in life’.

  • Georgette for that light feeling!

types of anarkali suits

Georgette Anarkali suits are a great choice if you want something that is light in weight but stunning at the same time. You can go for georgette Anarkali suits with light embroidery or embellishments. Pair these up with stunning neck and ear pieces, and you are on your way!

  • Plain and simple!

types of anarkali suits

Plain Anarkali suits in mono or duo tones are a great way to make a style statement. A wise man once said ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. And there is a world of truth to that. Plain Anarkali suits can be worn to the office. Pick a dark colour and team it up with heavy accessories, and you can also wear these to parties and events. Class and sheer elegance we say!

  • The ‘royal’ Pakistani style!

types of anarkali suits

If opulence, grandeur, and royalty inspire you, then go for Pakistani style Anarkali suits. These are great for big ticket occasions such as weddings because of the heavy amount of work that they carry. You will find variety in the embellishments, stone work, embroidery, and colours. Add a maang tikka to complete your look, and you are ready to stand out in a crowd!

  • Jacket is the way to go!

types of anarkali suits

Another hot trend when it comes to types of Anarkali suits is the jacket style Anarkali. A heavily embellished jacket with an Anarkali is a great way to add charm to this stupendous attire. As for the jacket colours, go for the classy sliver and golden ones, or for a hue that is in contrast to the colour of your suit. Highly recommended ladies!

  • Belt it up!

types of anarkali suits

Add that x-factor to your Anarkali suits by going for a belt at the waist which holds your dupatta in place. These are thin belts, usually in the same colour as that of the suit, and look amazing and unique. So what are we waiting for? 

  • Floor the gathering!

types of anarkali suits

Yes, literally! Floor length Anarkali suits are ideal for making heads turn in that social gathering. These are especially great for women who have a tall frame. The sheer length of the fabric is what makes these types of Anarkali suits stand out from the conventional ones.

  • Go contemporary!

types of anarkali suits

For those looking to get the best of both worlds, there are many contemporary options available in Anarkali suits as well. You can opt for different styles such as the A-line cut, Anarkali suits with a slit, and the like. You can experiment with abstract prints and patterns too. These days the market is also flooded with a variety of Anarkali gowns. You can also opt for different fabrics such as nets and velvets over the conventional silk and cotton.

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