3 Office Wear Sarees Styles You Can Adopt

Office wear sarees are a perfect option for ethnic wear at the office.
Although I have talked about wearing kurtis to the office, I haven’t focused on office wear sarees styles. Contrary to popular belief, formal wear includes the Indian ethnic wear like suits, sarees, and kurtis but what one should remember is that you cannot wear just any suit, saree or kurti to the office.
You need to pick the styles that go well with the formal look. You need to pick ethnic office wear.
To help working women choose great office wear sarees styles, I am writing this post in which I’ll list three really great ideas that one can try. I am not saying you should opt for all three but giving at least one of these a try would be the best decision you make today.

  1. Plain Saree With Moti Border

It’s best and risk-free to wear a plain saree to the office. If you’ve been very confused about what saree styles can be worn to the office, you should just rely on the basic and most acceptable one i.e. a plain saree. But hey! You don’t have to be boring.
You can make your dress super attractive by adding two slight changes to that plain saree we talked of. One – wear a saree with a golden or silver border. It will look fantastic and be truthful, sarees that do not have a border often seem incomplete to me. So, I’ll suggest you never to go for a truly plain saree. Always focus on having a simple border.
To make this office wear saree style even better, you can opt for pearl border. The thing about pearls is that they look incredibly classy. They also go well with the office-wear look.
formal sarees online

2. Broad designer border and stone work sarees

If one thing that must be clear to you about office wear sarees styles, it’s that you need an almost plain saree with a good border. Why did I say almost? Because, if you check the last look, the sarees have a subtle self-print on them. Don’t they? So, your saree doesn’t have to be entirely plain, but it should give an overall appeal of a plain formal wear saree.
Now, you can add a bit more style by having a cutwork border. Not all women will be comfortable with it for it is a bit too stylish for office but if you attend your office on a festival or during some celebration, then it is perfectly fine. You won’t be overdoing the look, but you won’t be underdressed for the occasion either.
But what’s more important in the style is stone work. Stone work is too light to notice, but it’s still a good enough embellishment to add to make your dress a bit more stylish. So, you should have a stonework saree in your office wear collection.
office wear sarees styles broad border

3. Sarees with stylish blouses

I suggest you experiment a lot with the kind of blouses you wear with a saree. In fact, you should have at least 2-3 blouses for each saree. You can have an entirely different look just by changing the blouse designs.
For example, check the picture below for blouse designs. They’re not fit for office, or I would say they are a bit too flashy.
So, what you can do is buy plain readymade blouses from a local clothing store and team it up with these sarees. Viola! You can wear these as formal wear and when you’re planning to wear the saree to a small party or gathering, just change the blouse, and you’re ready.

office wear sarees styles with stylish blouse

That’s how you do it! Wear sarees to the office. How many sarees do you have that are actually fit to wear to the office? If you’ve less than 10, you need to start shopping for office wear sarees.

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