5 Tips To Style Office Wear Kurtis

style office wear kurtis

Office wear kurtis are emerging as a popular formal wear attire in the country. Cotton kurtis were a big thing in summer. In winter, they are replaced by rayon and dupion silk kurtis. Layer them up with your favorite sweaters and coats and you will look nothing less than a girl boss.
When we discuss office wear kurtis, we see many women going wrong with the styling. How to style office wear kurtis? Honeslty, you need to style them in a way they actually look formal. How to do that? We’ll let you know today.

  1. Pick proper office wear kurtis

style office wear kurtis
First and foremost, you need to limit your choices to formal wear only. You can accomodate flashy embellished kurtis in your formal wardrobe. You cannot just shop from a festive collection of your favorite brand and wear that to office.
At Brijraj, we handpick office wear kurtis from our collection of kurtis. That’s the first thing that will help you to style office wear kurtis.

2. Go for light printed kurtis

style office wear kurtis
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that printed kurtis and formal kurtis are almost same. Most of the printed kurtis are ideal formal wear kurtis. But, be careful.
Stay away from bold and big prints. Go for small motifs that add a touch of style to your outfit but still keep it super formal.

3. Be conscious of the kurti styles

style office wear kurtis
Kurtis are our favorites because of the versatility they allow us. There are several styles available but you cannot afford to wear all the styles to office. For office wear kurtis, pick the safest options like straight kurtis and A-line kurtis. You can also look for shirt style kurtis which are recently gaining a lot of attention.

4. Quality wear is a must

style office wear kurtis
As we go to office regularly, we unconsciously tend to pick cheaper outfits for office. It’s a folly!
For office wear, you must pick as high-quality as you can afford. Never cut corners on that. At Brijraj, all our products are high-quality and suprisingly affordable but if you ever have to make a choice between price and quality, always pick quality.

5. Wear latest kurtis designs

style office wear kurtis

Women may argue that what does latest design have to do with formal wear. Actually, a lot. Latest kurtis designs have a major significance on your personality. Office wear is very much about establishing your professional demeanor and picking the latest designs make you look fresh and up to date. That’s why it matters.
Those are the five things you need to keep in mind to style office wear kurtis. Each point is of utmost importance and we recommend you to not ignore any of those. Happy styling 🙂
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