Tips To Style Cream Wedding Suits For Indian Women

cream wedding suits

Style Cream Wedding Suits for Indian women? Is that even a thing? With all the women shying away from the dark bold looks, cream is a color that is in vogue. Think of it! A beautiful Indian suit with cream color as the base. Embroidery can be of navy blue or maroon teamed up with golden zari work. What a pleasure it would be to wear such a suit!
But wait! How are you going to style it when you know that lighter shades like cream and white aren’t the typical festive colors in the country? We have some tips for you – whether such a color will suit you, how to pump it up or tone it down, what latest ladies suits styles to pick and what to skip – all the answers are in this post. Keep reading!
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5 Tips To Style Cream Wedding Suits For Indian Women

Do you know what the cream color signifies?

Cream totally converts into sophistication.

In fact, there are two colors that belong to this same group – cream and ivory. These colors have a little bit of warmth of the brown shade and give you a sense of history. It’s an ideal shade for elderly women who want to dress up. Your mom, and your grandma want this shade. But it doesn’t mean, you can’t have it too.
In this post, we’re going to tell you how to use this calm color even if you’re at the peak of your youth. Ready?

  1. Gold up!

style cream wedding suits
First and foremost, we bring you a fail-proof way of styling cream wedding suits. It’s about what you pick. When you want a cream color for an occasion like a wedding, you need to focus on the embroidery. It should be heavy and it should be in the bronzy golden shade.
Don’t go for the bright golden for it will look cheesy and not so appeasing, obviously. Go for a gold that’s slightly on the darker side. But stick to gold, keep that in mind.
For the style, you can experiment as much as you want. You can go for a lehenga style suit with heavy embroidery on the kameez and golden border on the lehenga skirt. You can go for a gown suit, or a normal straight suit. It’s all upto you.
style cream wedding suits

2. Silver isn’t that bad

style cream wedding suits
A lot of ladies think that you cannot pair a light shade with a shade as light as cream. It’s totally not true, especially if you’re dressing up for a gown themed party or a reception party. Cream color, combined with thread work of same shade with a dab of silver in it, is perfect.
You can add in a little bit of color to the outfit by going for accessories that are in golden color. Not totally golden, mind you. A mix of cream pearls and a bit of golden – yes, that typical traditional jewellery that never goes out of style.

3. Combine It With Contrast Colors

style cream wedding suits
Can we just skip the explaining here and talk about two of our most favorite contrast combinations with cream wedding suits? It’s blue and maroon. Cream and blue suit or a cream and maroon suit – they’re just wow. Note that the kameez would still be all cream with gold or silver embroidery on it. It’s the bottom and the dupatta that will make the outfit stand out.
Ladies, note it down. If you’re ever doubtful about how to style a light shade like cream, white, ivory etc, just contrast it up!

4. Cream Wedding Suits Styles

style cream wedding suits
We promised you that we’ll tell you about the famous styles that you can adopt when picking up such an ethnic wear. Didn’t we?
Here are some styles that never go out of style (did you see what we did there? 😉 )

  1. Anarkali suits
  2. Lehenga style suits
  3. Gown suits

5. Dark Colored Embroidery

style cream wedding suits
Yes, we told you about golden and silver embroidery. But here’s the secret – sometimes, colored thread embroidery is the way to go.
With cream wedding suits, embroidery in shades of maroon, red, pink, magenta and green look fabulous. Use your judgement while picking up designs. If it looks good to your eyes, pick it up. But don’t just go for any and every outfit that has such a combination. You have to be cautious while adopting this particular style. Either it can be too good or it will be too bad. Be careful.
There you go! You have our five secret tips on how to style cream wedding suits. Make sure you check out our latest cream wedding suits to make your online shopping much convenient and fulfilling. We’ll see you next time you need ethnic wear advice 🙂

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