Tips and Tricks For Buying Anarkali Suits

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Spending your hard-earned money on traditional attire can be quite a task considering the large number of choices available today. Anarkali suits, one of the most elegant and sophisticated ethnic wear of our times, can be a bit challenging when it comes to buying them. Which is why today we have put together some tips and tricks for you to buy Anarkali suits. Read on to know more.

  • Pick the right color!

First things first, it is very important to pick the right color when you buy Anarkali suits. Give thought to the time of the day you will be wearing this wonderful attire (morning, evening, or night), the occasion, and also your skin tone and complexion. Accordingly, pick a color that will stand out and complement your skin well. Choosing the right color is more than half the job done; trust us on that!

  • Choose The perfect fabric!


Another thing to look for when shopping for Anarkali suits is choosing the right fabric. If you are looking for Anarkali suits that can be worn in routine, then cotton is your best bet. Likewise, for special occasions such as weddings and family gatherings, you should opt for rich and heavy fabrics such as silks and crepes.

  • Style that inspires!

buy anarkali suits
buy anarkali suits

A great trick to buying fascinating Anarkali suits is to go for a style that complements your body type. Tall women can look flattering in narrow, full-length Anarkalis. For women with height on a slightly shorter side, A-line Anarkalis are a good choice. Similarly, jacket style Anarkali suits look great on women with a lean frame. The idea is to see what works best for you!

  • Dupatta done right!

tips to buy anarkali suits

An Anarkali suit is never complete without a dupatta to complement the overall look and appearance of the attire. So the next time you are on a mission to buy Anarkali suits, remember to watch out for the dupatta. For plain suits, a heavy dupatta with embroidery or embellishments will do the trick. Likewise, for heavy Anarkali suits, opt for a light weight dupatta in a single hue to get a graceful look. The trick here is to balance it out.

  • Choose the appropriate embroidery!

Anarkali suits are known to have a rich and heavy feel to them thanks to that flared look. This makes it imperative for you to pick the right kind of embroidery when you buy Anarkali suits. Go for something that gives an overall lean look. Over the top embroidery can add to your girth, and does not look good especially on those who have a slightly wider body frame. Sleek and subtle is the secret here ladies!

  • Sleeves matter!

buy anarkali suits

While you always have the option of wearing sleeveless Anarkali suits, remember that it is not the most happening way of doing it. The classy and timeless attire that it is, an Anarkali suit looks best with full length sleeves. These can be made of net, or of the same material as your suit. But they add tons of charm and royalty to the overall appearance. So the next time you buy Anarkali suits, remember that long sleeves are your best bet.

  • Know your money’s worth!

It is a normal human tendency to indulge in impulsive buying. Before you splurge that hard-earned money on Anarkali suits, make sure it is worth it. The fabric, the work, and the quality should be up to the mark and worth every penny spent.

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