How To Keep Your Saree From Falling Off?

How to keep your saree from falling off?

If there is one attire that combines tradition, culture, elegance, sophistication et al, it undoubtedly has to be a saree. Synonymous with the beautiful Indian woman who has carried this piece of clothing so gracefully over many generations now, the sari continues to epitomize class when it comes to traditional dressing.

While there is no question on the charm and style quotient that a saree can add to our ever beautiful desi girl, wearing and managing this layered fabric can be tedious and fussy at times. It becomes even more difficult when the question is about office wear sarees, and you’re expected to be formal and toil away at work for extended hours. 

So we thought of putting together some tips that will help you to keep the saree from falling off and carry the attire with aplomb.

How to keep your saree from falling off?

  1. Go With The Right Fabric

Going in for the right fabric is the most important factor to be considered. Even though the shimmery ones look very appealing to the eyes, it is wise to go in for materials that stay in place. This will help in preventing the saree from falling off.

Silk is an all-time favorite with Indian women; explore your mother’s and grandmother’s wardrobes and you are guaranteed to find plenty of saris in this lovely fabric. For the modern girl, even chiffons and georgettes work well. Satin can be uncomfortable as it is very slippery, so avoid it if you can, especially when you’re picking formal sarees.

2. Manage The Length Of The Pallu

Managing the length of the pallu is another key area that you should take care of. Find the optimum length that suits your body according to your height. An extra-long pallu is bound to make your sari experience a tough one; a short one isn’t appealing either. So the key here is to find what suits you the best.

3. Choose The Right Petticoat

More often than not, we underestimate the importance of the petticoat and tying the sari at exactly the right section of the waist. Every female has a unique body and hence it is advisable to wear the sari as per your height and body shape.

Low-waist petticoats are a strict no-no if you have a petite and lean body structure and are picking office wear sarees. You do not want to be facing a situation where the oomph of carrying yourself in a low-waist sari turns into an experience where you are looking at preventing the saree from falling off after some time or are at the risk of seeming unprofessional. 

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4. Pleat It Properly 

Make sure that you pleat the fabric of the saree properly. The number and width of the pleats will decide how comfortable you are when you actually wear the sari.

5. Choose The Right Footwear

The kind of footwear you choose can make or mar the outfit. To keep your saree from falling off, it is very important that you choose the right pair of heels to put on. Imagine getting into high-heeled wonders, and then having a tough time negotiating the sari pleats while managing your heels. Can be really challenging ladies, so choose wisely!

Keep these few things in mind, and you are on the way to making your dream come true; the dream of adding glamour, tradition, and beauty to your wardrobe with lovely saris! So wait no more, and go girls and ladies! Click here to shop for sarees now!