Top 5 Reasons To Buy Printed Sarees Online

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Why would you buy printed sarees online? Isn’t there a good shop near your house that supplies printed sarees? Why would you even pick printed sarees and ditch your favorite plain sarees or heavy embroidered sarees? Hold on!
Do you really think that you can wear embroidered sarees in summer? That heavy embroidery and the need for maintenance is too much of work. Isn’t it?
Have you ever seen the cost of these embroidered saree designs?
If you ditch the embroidered sarees (smart you!), you will run towards the plain sarees with border. Won’t you? They do look good. A couple of them are even there in your wardrobe. But why would you limit your style to just one type of sarees? There’s no creativity in that! Is there?
If you’re looking for something new, easy to maintain & store, easy to wear, stylish and affordable, you MUST buy printed sarees online. Let us give some reasons to strengthen our stand.
printed sarees with calligraphic print

Why buy printed sarees online?


  1. They’re Trending

Printed sarees are truly in trend. With a different variety of prints, the entire Bollywood industry and fashion industry is crazy about chiffon and georgette printed sarees. Even crepe and bhagalpuri silk are popular choices.

When it comes to sarees fashion, the trending designs matter. Don’t you go and ask the shopkeeper to show you some latest designs? All the latest designs are available in this style. Period.

2. The Choices Are Unlimited

When it’s about printed sarees, the choice becomes unlimited. First of all, there are several types of printed sarees that will blow your mind.

Calligraphic print, graphic print, and floral printed sarees are some of our personal favorites.

Let’s say you just pick one type of print. Even then, every design comes as a unique piece and you’ll never run out of choice. Isn’t that what you usually look for – a big collection to choose from?

3. Printed Sarees Are Comfortable

Ayesha Takia Floral Printed Sarees
Most of the printed saree material come in fabrics like crepe, chiffon, georgette and Bhagalpuri Silk. All these fabrics give a unique grace to the printed designs. While crepe and Bhagalpuri silk are perfect for a bit cooler days, chiffon and georgette fabrics can be your best friends for the summer season. These are light and breathable fabrics that keep you comfortable in summer.

All four fabrics are light-weight and truly make a saree apt for daily wear. You’ll never find it fussy to wear this extremely long fabric again. Try it!

4. Printed Sarees Are Affordable

Isn’t that obvious? The embroidered sarees are often reserved for party wear and wedding occasions. The popular use has kicked up the prices of such sarees and it is almost impossible to find such a saree at a price as low as that of print.

We find it amazing that even printed ones have entered the mainstream use of sarees i.e. for party wear and wedding wear and of course, the cost of those designs almost match with that of the embroidered ones.

However, for regular wear, a printed one is awesome. Even for occasions like an ethnic day in office, farewell and kitty parties, you must buy printed sarees online. Check out our collection of latest office wear sarees here!
bhagalpuri silk sarees below Rs. 1000

5. Buying Online Saves You Money

Online purchases are generally cheaper than the offline ones. It’s due to the operations cost which ultimately gets deducted from your pocket. You may not feel it much for when it comes to the clothing industry, fabric quality truly makes the difference.

So, that saree you saw at Rs. 500 will not be of as good quality as that Rs. 1000 saree is. It’s saddening to see that some people totally ignore this basic fact and still, argue over pricing. However, if you’re smart, you will be able to find great online shops and shop while sitting at the comfort of your home.

We, at Brijraj, make it even better to shop online through our incredibly customer-friendly return process and no questions asked return policy.

How did you find this post? Did it clear your doubts about why to buy printed sarees online? Do you have any other question? If yes, comment below!

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