Top 5 Printed Sarees Styles to Wear This Summer

printed sarees styles

Are you a big fan of printed sarees styles? If yes, you’re about to get amazed for we have the top ten styles of this season. Your shopping bug is about to hit again. So, gear up!

Summer is THE season to wear printed sarees. So many prints in the lightest fabrics – they are a treat in summer. However, you don’t want to wear the outdated prints. Do you? If not, you must keep reading and sharing this post on top 10 printed sarees styles for this season.

We’re going to give you the styles that have made a comeback and also, the ones that have just hit the markets. Thank us later. Read now!

Latest Printed Sarees Styles For Summer

  1. Stripes and Polka Dots

printed sarees styles

When we talk of patterns, stripes have always been there. But not those regular organised stripes, ladies. We are talking about some uneven stripes that would look fabulous, when woven around your curves.

Mind you! Stripes can be tricky. If you’re a bit heavy, you don’t want those horizontal stripes to make you look fat. You want the vertical ones. But if you can’t find them, we have polka dots saved for you.

Now, again when you’re a bit heavy, you have to be careful. Don’t go for giant polka dots. You’ll look like a teddy bear. Go for small nice dots to hit the sweet spot.

If you don’t have weight issues, run and buy both the printed sarees styles – whatever you like, now. You’re lucky, woman!

2. Abstract Sarees

printed sarees styles

Now, abstract print was nowhere to be seen last year. Nobody wanted it. But this year? Everybody is running behind the abstract printed sarees, just like before. The history is repeating itself, ladies.

Our special tip is to experiment with lots of colors when you’re going for abstract printed sarees. Maybe, light colors for the petite and dark colors for the ones who like to eat, a lot. Did you see what we did there?

Styling is all about wearing what would look best on you. So, never be ashamed of how you look. You can make your body work in your favour, always. Can we order that large pizza now?

3. Plain Saree With Print on Border and pallu

printed sarees styles

Honestly, if a year ago, our chat support team would have recommended a plain saree to somebody, we would have gotten a request to fire them. That’s how much women abhorred the plain basic sarees. Not anymore.

All our bestsellers, currently, are plain sarees with designer blouses. The fashion game has changed, my dear. With printed sarees styles, the trend is of going for plain solid colors and making them look gorgeous with some creative prints on the border and the pallu. Beware! Don’t fill up your entire pallu with print. Just a little bit more than the width of the border – that’s what you need.

4. Intricate Prints

printed sarees styles

Bold is gone now. Go for small intricate prints for they’re working this season. Those big floral patterns are a no-no this summer. We need some nice, romantic, pastel flowers that will make us fall in love, again. Something that would make us feel like a princess at ease. Something that would make us feel young again (says, a 20 something woman who already feels she’s too old but totally believes in the power of style and their anti-ageing properties). Intricate prints are something you totally need this year. Go for them.

5. Floral Printed Sarees

printed sarees styles

Of course, we cannot forget them. You already know what to do with them – small romantic florals. Repeat with us, small romantic florals. That’s the only type of floral printed sarees styles you need… now and forever. They will never ever ever go out of style. So, keep that in mind. Stock up.

There you go! Five printed sarees styles for this summer. We have given you the holy book of printed sarees fashion. Don’t ignore it. Worship it.

And while you’re doing that, don’t forget to check our collection printed sarees for we bet, nobody has a better collection with better prices and better quality (altogether). #SelfPromotion

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