Gifting Guide: Top Plain Sarees To Buy For Your Mother

Plain Sarees Green Georgette Saree With Golden Border

Do you want to gift a plain saree to your mother? You’re at the right place. We have a good collection of plain sarees that you can buy.
But which one should you buy? What type of designs and colors would be the best? What style would be the best? Let us help you out with the basic information you need to buy plain sarees for your mother.

  1. Deciding Factors – Age, Style, Occasion, Color

There are four major deciding factors that will guide your decision. By keeping these major factors in mind, you can make a fail proof decision.
Begin with the age. If your mother is anywhere in her 40s- 60s, this post will be relevant to you. If she’s in some other age group, just comment below with your questions and our fashion experts will help you out.

  • If you’re still reading, move to the next deciding factor – style. You have already narrowed down to the style if you have decided to go with the plain sarees. There are several other options to try but if you’re gifting her something for the first time and you don’t know much about her choice, keeping it simple and appropriate is the right way to go.
  • The occasion is a factor that will tell you if your decision to go with plain sarees is alright or not. Now, one can wear a plain saree casually. That’s the simplest and most common use of such sarees. But there are several plain sarees with an embroidered border that make them ideal party wear as well.
  • The cost for both types will, obviously, vary. Casual wear sarees are rather cheap or let’s say, affordable. We don’t believe in ‘cheap’ at Brijraj for cheap prices often come at the cost of quality. For good quality, you need to pay a reasonable price and that’s the ultimate truth of shopping goods. Party wear sarees are of a slightly higher range.
  • The colors you should go for should fall somewhere between the pastels and light shades. You can also go for a dark shade but keep it dull. So, here are the color types you can pick – pastels, light bright or dull shades, and dark dull shades.

Now that we have discussed the basic deciding factors and how you need to identify and finalize them, let us give you some outfit ideas you can pick for quick fail proof shopping. Don’t forget to read the what and why part aka the description after every picture to understand if it will be a good fit for your mother or not. Ready?

2. Plain Sarees designs to gift to your mother

  1. A dull blue georgette saree for the daring fashionista mom

plain sarees
Georgette is the latest and much-loved fabric for sarees and suits, altogether. You go to a brick and mortar store and the shopkeeper will wince if you ask for anything other than georgette. Because you see, it’s the latest fabric and all the latest designs come pretty much in georgette. It’s versatile, durable and soft. So, don’t worry about the georgette fabric. It’s a good one.
The dull blue shade of the saree and the embroidered border makes it a good fancy saree that you may want to gift to your mother to wear for the next big puja or family gathering.
The color may seem slightly dark which is why you need to head towards buying this plain saree with precaution. Think of your mother’s existing wardrobe. Does she wear colors like these? If yes, go for it else keep scrolling down.

2. Purple Georgette Embroidered Saree For the Cute Mom

plain sarees
When we think of light colors, we think pink. Don’t we? But ask your mom and she’ll quickly say no to pink. It’s just too bright for her age. The right color to pick for her in that palette is a purple like this purple georgette embroidered saree.
It’s again a party wear with its fancy border work and is a good pick for wearing to family gatherings and functions. The magenta hue to the outfit gives it the perfect fancy touch.

3. Cream Georgette Plain Saree With Floral Border For the “I am too old” but middle aged mom

plain saree
Yes, our mothers have this uncanny way of getting us uncomfortable by saying that they are ‘too’ old. They never will be in our eyes. But while gifting her a saree, you better keep her preferences in mind.
So, the mother who thinks she has gotten too old and prefers only light colors (but you want her to embrace the fact that she isn’t that old yet), you pick a cream georgette saree with floral border.
The cream is the color she’ll like and the floral border gives a young touch to this saree. It’s good for casual wear.

4. The Perfect Party Wear Saree For The Stylish Mom

plain sarees
What if you need a plain saree but for proper party wear? She should be able to wear it to that reception party of your friend. Then, you go for a gajri gray chiffon saree with a designer blouse. It will be a good pick.

5. Green Saree For The Traditional Mom

Plain Sarees Green Georgette Saree With Golden Border
If you have seen your mom stick to her traditional sarees forever, you need to get her a plain saree with golden border. It’s as simple as that. The color is particularly very nice and fresh and the golden border part is the traditional part that can never wear her out. An excellent combination to gift to your mother!
Those are the five suggestions we have for you. Did you like the tips we gave in the first part of this post? Did you find it useful? Please share your feedback. It will help us improve and deliver you better and helpful content.

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