How To Look Smart In Indian Dresses?

how to look good in indian dresses

Do you want to understand the science behind looking smart? It should be as if you’re an experienced fashionista and maybe even better than Indian fashion bloggers. Is that possible?
How can you look smart in Indian dresses? We have some tips, that you MUST read.

Get The Basics Right

how to look good in indian dresses
The dressing start with picking a right dress material. For a right dress material, you need to think about the trending designs, colour and quality of the material. And then you need it tailored to perfection.
For keeping a tap on trending designs, we suggest you follow popular bloggers who talk about Indian fashion trends (or keep following our blog for tips).
But remember that there’s a limit to experimentation. Some designs, that maybe very popular, are just not meant for you.
For example, the velvet fabric and sequins are trending but they’re not going to suit an over-sized woman.
You can make it go well with western wear but with Indian ethnic wear, it’s a big No-No.
While you track the trends and plan to adopt some, keep in mind what suits you according to your body type.
The colour of the dress is obviously important for colours can completely change the appeal of a dress.
Think whether the colours in the dress complement one another. Then think if the overall colours will compliment you. If they will, buy else keep looking.
We get hundreds of queries a day from women who want to buy cheap sarees. We just don’t keep it. And there’s a solid reason behind it – when you buy cheap quality fabrics, it’s not going to look great on you.
Do all our sarees come expensive? NO. We have a very affordable range of sarees. They’re quality sarees with quality fabrics. But obviously, the work and type of fabric varies. So, yes, we can offer a very beautiful high-quality printed saree in the range of Rs. 1000 but cannot offer a party wear saree in the same range. Quality over price!
Bad quality product, if we stocked them – you would wear it 2-3 times and then you will feel like the dress wasn’t worth the money. Ultimately, you would put the entire blame on us (if we sold you that cheap quality stuff). That’s why we don’t do it but several people do. Beware that if you’re picking cheap quality fabrics, you can totally not look smart in Indian dresses.

2. Style it well

look smart in indian dresses
Once you have picked a right dress material, you need to get it fitted according to your body type. The style of the dress should be picked not according to what’s trending but according to how your body’s shape is.
For example, salwar suits with tight cuffs are popular but if you have bulky legs, you will look like a giant balloon in those suits. That’s just one tried and tested example of why styling your dresses according to your body type is important.
Understand that hair and accessories make a lot of difference. Your hairstyle should again be according to your body type as well as according to the dress. Hairstyles can always be changed according to trends and it’s a great thing if you do.
By just changing your hairstyle, you can change the complete look of the outfit. So, don’t ignore it. Focus on it.
Shoes also make a great difference. Being dressed in right kind of shoes is crucial. Many women have a misconception that if they’re wearing heels, they’re doing it right. It’s not true.
You can wear flats or any type of shoes but just make it match with the outfit. And any type of heels DON’T work. Some heels like block platform heels don’t go well with sarees and lehengas. Think about the style of the outfit and then pick a good pair of shoes to go with it.
Jewellery is important but the biggest mistake women do is overdoing the jewellery. You don’t have to wear EVERYTHING – earrings, nose ring, manage tikaa, bangles, necklace, kamar bandh, paayals and more. We have seen women wearing all such things along with a few more in one ensemble. It looks YUCK! Balance your accessories and wear just enough. Don’t wear less but don’t wear too many.
Believe it or not those are the ONLY two tips you need to look smart in Indian dresses. Make sure to check the links mentioned as well as use the search bar to find articles on more questions you may have on dressing up in Indian wear.
You can also leave your questions in the comments below and we will reply back within 24 hours with an answer. Try it!]]

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