How To Look Slim In Lehengas?

look slim in lehengas velvet

Do you want to look slim in lehengas? Life is busy and nobody wants to starve themselves before a big fat Indian wedding just to fit nicely into that lehenga. Right? Worry no more. We have some practical tips to help you look slim in lehengas even while not loosing those precious kilos.

  1. Wear Long cholis

look slim in lehengas

Don’t try to be like a bollywood actress like Katrina Kaif or Nargis Fakhri and pick tiny cholis for yourself. Long cholis look equally fantastic and they also hide that tummy fat very well.

2. Pick Dark Shades

Go for dark shades in whatever color you choose. Many people fail to understand the difference between the color and shades. Most of the fashion advisors suggest lehengas colors like black and navy blue but let’s be honest here – these colors aren’t considered that auspicious and happy for an Indian wedding. What can you do then? Just understand that you don’t have to choose a dark color. All you need is a dark shade. It could be dark pink, bottle green, maroon or anything in those hues. Did you get the point?

3. Go For A-line or Fish Cut Lehengas

Green Georgette Fish Cut Style Indian Gown

Avoid kalidaar lehengas at all cost. Kalis in a lehenga make it look fluffy and if you’re already plump, you have enough fluffiness around you already.

Pick lehengas styles that have well defined cuts. We mean A-line or fish cut lehengas. They make you look more toned and fantastic.

4. Dupatta Draping Style

Dupatta can be extremely helpful prop to hide those bulging love handles. Even tummy fat can be hidden using the good old Indian dupatta. All you need to do is make sure your dupatta is wrapped around your problem areas. This will hide them in the most stylish way you can think of and make you look slim in lehengas.

5. Choose Your Jewellery Wisely

look slim in lehengas

Is your top area heavy? Is your neck a bit thick? Avoid chokers at all costs. When you have a heavier top, you need to go for long hanging necklaces. You need to clear the area around your neck as much as possible. It’s not a tough task at all as there are plenty of jewellery options which will go with such styles.

6. Wear Heels

Believe it or not but heels can help you look slim in lehengas. How? It’s science, actually. The taller you’re, the slimmer you look. When you wear heels, your body will automatically or naturally, we must say, look slimmer. Isn’t that a genius idea?

7. Go For V-neck Designs

Even the style of neck can make a difference to your outfit. V-neck designs make you look slimmer and so do the deep neck designs. Anything that’s too tight around your neck or something like chinese collar or high-neck designs would not work for you.

Even with the back design, go for a deep back. Add in some tassels for a more fancy look.

8. Contour Your Face Well

How do you make your face look slim while you’re wearing the lehenga and applying the rest of the tips to look slim in lehengas? You contour your face well. Contouring helps define your face’s shape and a good makeup artist can seriously make your face look much slimmer than it actually is just with contour powder and a brush. That’s the power of makeup.

9. Tie Your Hair up In A Bun

look slim in lehengas

Leaving the hair open is one of the favourite styles of Indian women while dressing up for a wedding. Please don’t be so cliched with your dressing style. Moreover, open hair do nothing to help our cause. For a slimmer look, tie your hair up in a bun. It will make your upper area have a great definition and look much better.

Those are nine secret, until now, tips we have for you to look slim in lehengas. Have a great time dressing up in the most beautiful lehengas online. We’re sure you will look awesome. Don’t forget to tag us in the Instagram pictures. We’re on Instagram with @brijraj_fashion. See you there!

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