Latest Types Of Printed Sarees Online

types of printed sarees - art silk printed sarees

Printed sarees are awesome because of the style choices you have – floral, abstract, geometric, striped, silk, khadi, georgette, chiffon and many more. With all these choices, confusion often creeps in. How do you select the latest printed sari? Let us help! We’ll tell you about some of the latest types of printed sarees online.

Latest Types Of Printed Sarees

  1. Brasso Silk Sarees

types of printed sarees
Brasso is a much popular fabric, accepted and applauded by designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra. It comes in various variants like chiffon, silk etc and is highly popular for mid-range types of printed sarees.

2. Floral Print Sarees

types of printed sarees
When we discuss the print patterns, floral print is the most popular one. There are hundreds of variations and design options available in the floral print. We suggest small patterns for plump women and broad patterns for thin women. Small floral motifs also work well for formal wear sarees. Obviously, floral print saris are great for casual wear.

3. Georgette Printed Sarees

georgette printed sarees
We have discussed the grandeur of the georgette fabric in our previous blog post. It’s an excellent choice for sarees due to its effortless draping ability and versatility. Be it the print style or the embroidery, all go well on the georgette. It’s also comfortable to wear and  easy to maintain. Almost all the other types of printed sarees that we’re going to discuss in this post can be found in the georgette fabric.

4. Art Silk Printed Saris

types of printed sarees - art silk printed sarees
Dupion silk, art silk and bhagalpuri silk are three very closely related saree fabrics that work well with the printed designs. Do note that bhagalpuri and dupion silk can actually be art silk whereas the vice versa isn’t true.
What’s definitely true is the fact that printed patterns come out to be exceptionally great on all three fabrics.

5. Digital Printed Sarees

types of printed sarees
Another popular in the types of printed sarees is the digital print sarees. As evident from the name, these have some breathtaking digital print designs that give a fresh take to printed saris. If you think you have had enough of the block print and hand print designs, try some unique digital print saris.

6. Geometric Print Sarees

types of printed sarees
The printed designs that contain any kind of geometric figures like circles, triangles etc make geometric printed saree. The very popular retro style of polka dots is also a part of these types of sarees.

7. Nature Printed Sarees

types of printed sarees
This type of sarees involve several sub categories like forest print, animal print and so on. Typically, the design depict some form of nature. Animal print is actually an even more popular subcategory of nature print saree. It can have actual animal figures printed on the fabric or can be the popular prints like leopard print or snake print.
Those are the seven very popular types of printed sarees. Of course, there are many more variants that should be a part  of this list and we promise they will be. We keep adding more styles that we come across. If you have some suggestion, comment below.
All these styles are available in our printed sarees online shopping collection. Do check these out!

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