5 Latest Anarkali Dresses That Are Still In Fashion

latest anarkali dresses

What has happened to world? The world is going all wrong these days. Can you believe that somebody just asked us if Anarkalis were still in fashion? Like Really? They’re. They totally are, if you are wondering where the tone of this article is going. In fact, today, we’re going to tell you about latest anarkali dresses that are still in fashion.

It’s obvious – nothing stays in fashion forever. Things come in and go out of fashion all the time. But not with Anarkalis. Because, it’s an umbrella term which has so many styles and designs that you won’t even be able to count them. So, those styles may go out of fashion, depending on trends. So, today, we’re giving you a few latest anarkali dresses that are still in fashion.

  1. Floor Length Anarkali Suits Are The Only Ones In Fashion

latest anarkali dresses

It’s true. If you’re going to differentiate between various latest anarkali dresses, you must know that when it comes to the length, there’s just one option you can consider- floor length. Okay, ankle length also works fine. But anything shorter than that is outdated.

Always, pick floor length anarkali dresses. No choice. No ifs and buts. Nothing else works.

2. Asymmetrical – latest anarkali dresses

latest anarkali dresses

Think of cuts that go sideways. Think of half jackets. Think of slits. Think of high-low frocks. Think of frills on one side of the dress. Anything aysmmetrical. That looks so fresh and hot and sensuous and gorgeous and so many more adjectives.

Asymmetrical anarkali dresses are the ones which are perfect for the young women who like to step out of their houses in style. They are for the women who love to experiment but still, ensure they never wear a fashion faux pas.

Oh! Dont you worry. There’s no dearth of such styles. In fact, every brand and designer is creating hundreds of such designs. Pick the best ones for you.

3. Accessories on Anarkalis

latest anarkali dresses

Think of tassels on the back. Or maybe in the front too. Think of buttons. Think of capes. Think of jackets. Think of jewellery. All that on your dress itself. Yes, that’s the style we want you to picture.

Now, the tricky part is to find dresses that involve such accessories. Tassels on the back is no big deal – you can buy from your local store and ask your tailor to put them on the deep back neck you’re going to have on your latest anarkali dresses. If not, you’ll have to look for a dress with tassels on the front. That has to be in the design itself. So, look hard.

Buttons, again, on the design but there are so many options available that you will never find it hard to locate an anarkali dress with buttons. Capes, oh, that’s tough. Cape style anarkalis are a bit hard to find. Even though they look fantastic and are loved by women, designers are scared to try them much for they are very niche products. Not everybody would like them, sadly.

Jackets are common. Everywhere. Now, jewellery is tricky. You see, it may lose is sheen pretty quickly. Your dress would be useless once that happens. So, you’re up for the care or you’re going to be wearing something just for a few times, you can go for these.

4. Sequins and pearls

latest anarkali dresses

Yes, two elements that have broken the fashion world. Be it ethnic wear or western wear, sequins are everywhere. Even on the shoes. *Goes to hide scroll through the Steve Madden collection*

What more to say about them? Their sophistication and sheen itself says a lot. Ladies, don’t miss them please.

5. Lehenga style anarkalis

latest anarkali dresses

Now, if there’s one exception to the point 1, it’s the anarkalis with lehengas. They are a bit shorter. They go a little below the knees and look fabulous. They’re pretty new and fresh, apt for the women who have had too many marriages and are out of options when it comes to new and latest anarkali dresses.

That’s it ladies! We don’t want to confuse you with too many options. Top five is all you’re going to get. Stock up your wardrobe now and check out our latest anarkali suits designs on our website. They’re awesome. #SelfPromotion

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