How To Wear Sarees For Office?

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Do you like office wear sarees?

Sarees have changed into such a versatile and universally accepted attires that you see them pretty much everywhere, even outside India. You see them making a mark in formal wear in India and it’s just so good. Imagine wearing something comfortable but extremely stylish to office! That could be just a saree.
But here’s the issue – while many organizations have accepted sarees as formal wear, some organizations are still working on it. The problem isn’t with the organizations’ culture but it’s with the employees. T
here are sarees for every type of occasion and it gets difficult for women to figure out how to wear sarees for office. What sarees will suit the best? What types of sarees aren’t fit for office?
Here’s a descriptive guide on how to wear sarees for office.

Tips To Pick Office Wear Sarees or Formal Sarees

  1. Prefer printed sarees

wear sarees for office
It’s not a hard and fast rule that you should wear only printed sarees to the office. But I would suggest you prefer these over any other types of sarees. You can also wear embroidered or plain sarees but we will talk more about them in the second point.
So, what should you remember while wearing printed sarees to the office?

  1. Don’t choose big block prints. Go for small prints.
  2. Don’t choose dark colors. Choose light subtle colors.
  3. Stick to floral and abstract prints. Those work the best.

There are a few more tips on how you can wear sarees for office in a better way but let’s just move to the point #2 now.

2. Wearing embroidered and plain sarees to office

You can wear embroidered sarees to the office and they will look formal and great. But you need to choose the right embroidered sarees. Think about the occasion – it’s formal. It should be comfortable and not grab extra attention to your attire. Finding subtle embroidered sarees that can go well as formal wear can be a bit tough but if you do enough digging, you can easily find some. Try that!
Wearing plain sarees to the office is the easiest way to incorporate sarees into your formal wear. The only thing you need to care about is the color.

3. What colors to wear to the office?

Best office wear sarees style
If you want to wear sarees for office, you need to be careful about the color.
Dark colors don’t go well with formal wear. I know, you will just picture yourself in a black pant suit or skirt and it truly looks great as office wear. But that’s not the case with sarees.
Sarees for office should be in light subtle colors like light pink, light blue, pista and neutral shades like that. The dark colors look too flashy and aren’t suitable, even if you’re dressing up for the ethnic day in office.

4. Blouse design and length to wear sarees for office

Avoid wearing really short blouses to the office. In fact, these days long saree blouses are in trend and you should make full use of that trend. Avoid designs that are too revealing.
Don’t get us wrong! We totally support whatever a woman chooses for herself to wear. It’s your choice but when it comes to formal wear, it just doesn’t suit the occasion and formal etiquette. So, be wise!

5. Tone down the accessories

Sarees are incomplete without accessories but when going for office wear sarees, minimize the accesories. Small earrings or a bracelet is enough. A watch is even more suitable.
Don’t go for extremely high heels. They will make you uncomfortable and it will be tough to focus on work.
Tie your hair, if possible as it gives a cleaner and more formal look
That’s how you can wear saree for office. Hope this helps!]]

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