How To Pick The Right Lehenga?

style wedding lehengas and how to pick the right lehenga?

Lehenga? That Indian outfit which is mostly reserved for the big fat Indian weddings. Just imagine the scene! A bride in a deep red, heavily embellished and flared lehenga walks out of a room. She is accompanied by her sister who is wearing a dark pink embroidered lehenga with a long choli with a deep back neck. She turns around and sees her best friend in a stunning golden fish cut lehenga. Wherever your eyes go, you see lehengas! And yet, you are scouring the internet about how to pick the right lehenga.
Can somebody really teach you to do that? Honestly, no. In the end, it’s totally up to you – what you like and what you find. But we do have some tips that can help you to know how to pick the right lehenga for yourself. Shall we begin?
how to pick the right lehenga

1. Lehenga Color

Let’s start with the easiest thing to decide –  color. If you’re going for a bridal lehenga, choose from colors like red, pink, orange and golden. A wedding lehenga for anybody but the bride can be of any color depending on individual choice.
But is choice everything? No. You must think of what will look good on you. Your complexion and size should be the two factors you need to consider before zeroing in on a particular lehenga.
If you have a dark complexion, you should go for earthly colors. The pastel shades work very well on brown skin tones and give you a very elegant look. Women with fair complexion should opt for bright and vivid shades that will make them look more lively.
Darker colors make you look slim. So, if you’re looking for a slimmer look in lehenga, pick dark shades. For the opposite effect, pick light shades. We explained the whole science on how to look slim in lehenga in one of our previous posts. Do read that as well. Also, read the top lehenga colors of the season.

2.  Lehenga Style

If you truly want to know how to pick the right lehenga, you need to pay attention now. It’s all about the styles.

  1. Flared Lehengas

how to pick the right lehenga
These lehengas are the oldest styles of traditional lehengas loved by one and all. A flared lehenga, as evident from the name, has a very large flare. It begins with a lot of pleats emerging out from the waist area that combine to make a big flare followed by a large border at the hem.
Such lehengas often have less to no embroidery on the major portion of the skirt and only the border is embellished. Due to that, it’s ideal as a party wear or casual wear lehenga but not as a bridal or wedding one.
The style looks good on women with almost all body types except ones who have thin waists. The latter should avoid this style as it may look very weird.

2. A-Line Lehengas

how to pick the right lehenga
One of the most popular types of lehengas at present, this style forms a perfect A with the lehenga skirt. It is tight and fitted at the waist and it flares out to form an ‘A’. There could be heavy embroidery on the entire skirt or just the border can be embellished.
Such a style is ideal for tall women with thin waists. According to us, it’s the safest style of lehenga that any woman can pick.

3. Fish-cut Lehengas

how to pick the right lehenga
The lehenga style includes a lehenga skirt that’s tight at hips and waist and pinches in at the knees and then again flares out at the bottom – making it look like a fish cut. The style was very popular in the 2000s and is still, a popular choice but it needs caution.
Only a few women can carry this style well. You need the right body shape to wear the fish cut lehenga. It’s ideal for women with hourglass body type.

4. Panelled Lehengas

how to pick the right lehenga
Instead of the normal pleats formed by fabric, such lehengas have panels of fabrics stitched together to make a skirt. Each of the panels have embroidery or embellishments on it. The panels often give a slim look and is ideal for women who are on a bit heavier side.

5. Pleated Lehengas

how to pick the right lehenga
Honestly, there’s no specific name for this kind of lehenga. It’s just that heavy traditional style in which the skirt falls into several thick pleats. Even a look at such lehengas tells you that it has been created with a large amount of fabric and it perfect for a royal look.

6. Lehenga Style Suit

how to pick the right lehenga
Why go for just a lehenga? Lehenga style suits are a variation of lehenga in which the choli is replaced by a full kameez as is worn with a normal salwar suit.
Lehenga style suits are insanely popular and are ideal for women with any body type. They can even give you slimmer look depending upon what patterns you choose.

7. Shararas

how to pick the right lehenga
Remember Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? Kareena Kapoor wore this sharara which went on to become even more popular than the lehengas due to the ease of wearing and the comfort. Shararas are still going strong and are a greta pick for women who aren’t that heavy at the bottom.

3. Lehenga Designs

There’s huge difference between popularity of different designs in different areas of the world. While chunky embellished lehengas are still being loved by people from some countries, most of the women have moved on to the modern styles of heavy embroidered lehengas. Look at the picture below!
It’s a big no-no if you want a modern style. Get over this. These aren’t popular anymore!
All lehenga style are popular and you can pick any of those styles depending on your body type and taste.

4. Embroidery and Embellishments

how to pick the right lehenga
We understand that it is one of your major cause of confusion that has led you to look for how to pick the right lehenga. What type of embellishments and embroidery work is good?
Mirror work, zardozi work, sequence work and pearl work is very popular at the present time. But don’t you let yourself think that you need to pick just one of these. All of these can be combined to form one beautiful outfit. So, don’t limit your thinking or choices when it comes to the embroidery work. Resham work is equally popular, especially for bridal lehengas.
Just focus on the quality of work. You need to see the finesse of it.

5. Quality shopping

how to pick the right lehenga
Picking the right lehenga is very much dependent on picking the right place to shop from. It’s because of the quality. Fancy outfits may often be worn only once but the quality of those is something you cannot compromise with. You must shop from a trusted seller and who has a good fabric with good embroidery work done on it. If the fabric isn’t high-quality, the embroidery won’t sit on it and the embellishments will fall off. Prioritize the quality when buying lehengas online.
That’s how to pick the right lehenga. We explained everything we thought could help you make the right choice. Are you still confused? Leave your questions in the comments below. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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