How To Look Stylish in Salwar Kameez?

how to look stylish in salwar kameez?

There are a lot of self-proclaimed fashion ‘gurus’ who will tell you how to look stylish in salwar kameez. It’s a highly searched term on the internet, and people want you to land on their website so that they could earn some bucks.
We, on the other hand, have been sharing our tips on Indian Ethnic Wear since more than five years. That was when we didn’t even have an online shop where we sold stuff like salwar suits and more.
Another thing is that you’re going to read these tips from a person who has not only been working on this blog for so many years and sharing her well researched and well-thought fashion tips but also who is a pure Punjabi by heart and by birth. I have seen it all.
I pretty much spent 20 years looking at various ways to style salwar suits and today I’m going to share my favorite tips to help you look stylish in salwar suit.

How To Look Stylish In Salwar Suit?

how to look stylish in salwar kameez

  1. Research the latest styles

You’re pretty much doing that right now, but you need to look for latest salwar suits trends accurately. It’s because things keep changing in the fashion industry.
Things go in and out of fashion all the time.
For example, a couple of years back, salwar suits with long kameez were in fashion, but now, no one likes to wear suits that go below your knees. Long kameez with salwars just went out of fashion. And you wouldn’t know what’s out of fashion now unless you search for it.
Another example is wide cuffs. They used to be so popular and even now if I look at my mom’s old wardrobe, it’s filled with salwars with broad cuffs. However, if you look at her wardrobe now, those broad cuffs are nowhere to be found.
It’s because my fashion savvy mother likes to keep track of latest salwar suits trends and follow them to look stylish in salwar suit. So should you!

  1. Know what looks good on you


how to look stylish in salwar kameez
I am going to continue taking the cuffs as an example. Now, the trend these days is tight cuffs, but I still don’t wear them. I go for cuffs that are slightly closer than the ones that were worn about five years ago, but I don’t go for the tightest ones as I know they won’t look good on me. I am chubby, and I have a big butt. Wearing tight cuffs will highlight the pain points of my body or in simple words, make me look fat.
The secret to look stylish in salwar kameez or any attire, as a matter of fact, is to wear what would suit you. You obviously will follow trends but change them according to your appearance.
Another example is the trend of net or transparent sleeves. They look great and are perfect, but for a woman who has extremely bulky arms, they’re a nightmare.
Think about the trend of high-neck dresses. They’re also really popular, but for someone who has lots of fat around her neck, it’s a big no-no. The neck will look thick and bad. You just shouldn’t try it if you have lots of fat around your neck.
Another such trend is the round neck design. It’s a design that will make your neck look longer and fabulous but then if you have a big bust, it will make you look weird and unappealing. For you, a v-neck design will be better even when the round neck is in the trend. Did you get my point?
You need to dress according to your body type as well as what part of your body looks good in what kind of dress. I have written more on how to look slim in suits So, the post helps every type of woman who wants to look stylish in salwar suit.

  1. Have a mix of traditional and modern fashion

how to look stylish in salwar kameez
No matter how much you try to pair a salwar suit with heels or pumps, it will look best with Punjabi juttis. It’s not something I am saying just out of the blue. It’s something I can claim, and I challenge you to try it right now. See yourself in the mirror with a salwar suit on along with heels and then with Punjabi juttis. Compare, and you will know. The traditional footwear looks best with salwar suit.
But then again, it might not be true for other accessories. For example, if you’re wearing a sophisticated salwar suit to your office, you wouldn’t want to wear something like saggi phool (a kind of headband) or a prandi (a kind of Punjabi hair tie) along with it. You will like to keep it simple and tie your hair in a simple bun or let them be loose with no accessories.
You need to achieve a balance by the occasion as well as trend. Traditional is great, but it may not always be according to the occasion. So, always think about that before you match up accessories with salwar suits.

  1. Wear quality fabric

how to look stylish in salwar kameez
A lot of people comment on the obsession of Punjabi people with brands. They say Punjabis are unnecessarily brand conscious. They’re not! They just understand that high quality automatically makes you look stylish. That’s why they pick good brands to wear. So, when you think Punjabis are innately stylish, it’s just their consciously made decisions that are doing the magic.
Good quality fabric with good quality work will make you look stylish in salwar suit.

5. Try different types of salwar kameez

how to look stylish in salwar kameez
There are so many types of salwars to try – afghani, patiala, simple, palazzo, sharara… experiment with them. Don’t just go with the simple basic salwar. Honestly, nobody wears such a thing these days. Keep it in mind.
Last but not the least, I will like to mention that you need to keep ALL of these in mind to achieve the desired effect.
You cannot be like you picked the right quality, but wrong design for your body type and complain of not looking stylish. Keep these tips in mind if you truly want to look stylish in salwar suit.

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