How To Look Slim In Churidars?

look slim in churidars

Churidar is a variation of salwar pants that is narrowed down to be more fitting and is also called churidar pajamas. 
If you want to know about churidar designs to look slim, you’re at the right place.

More about churidars

Churidars are designed to get narrow around the leg to accentuate the contours of the leg. It would not be entirely wrong to say that they were basically invented to make your legs look more beautiful and bring some attention to them.
The cutting of the churidars is done in a manner to make them stretchy. It’s important, for they are tightly wrapped around the legs, and they need to be stretchy to provided optimum comfort.
Usually, churidars end with buttoned cuffs at the ankles, but women also tend to wear the ones without cuffs.
It gets tough to slip into such churidars, but we have our ways, for example, we wrap a polyethylene around the foot to let the fabric slide in easily.
Churidars have a long length, and the excess length folds just above the ankle in the form of bangles, and that’s how the style got its name – churidars.
Churi translates to bangles and mostly, churidars form those bangles around the bottom of the leg.

How To Look Slim in Churidars?

If you skipped the last paragraph thinking it’s just basic information about churidars, go back and read it. The paragraph has all the secrets to look slim in churidars hidden in it.
Fashion is truly about technique. To look thin, you just need to develop a method to look slimmer. Our tips will certainly help and if you require to buy churidars online, check our shop.

  1. Wear black or any dark colorlook slim in churidars

The biggest secret to look slim in any dress is to stick to the black color. Black naturally makes you look slimmer, and if you have flabby legs, it will definitely do its magic on you and fetch you tons of compliments on how you look slimmer. Try it.
But we cannot always wear black. Can we? We have a solution for you. Opt for any dark color like maroon, navy blue or dark brown. All the dark colors will make your legs look slimmer and hence help you look slim in churidars.
Try to stay away from lighter and neutral shades when it comes to churidars for they make your legs look flabby especially when you have lots of fat around your thighs.

2. Wear heels

look slim in churidars

Don’t wear block heels or chunky sandals. We had to mention that before we discuss how heels can help you look slim in churidars. Many women take the advice of wearing heels and do it all wrong.
Chunky heels will make you look bulkier, whereas stilettoes and pointed heels will definitely make you look more tones.
We know that many women are uncomfortable with pointed heels and it’s fine if you go for a slightly thicker heel, but the latest trend of block heels is a big no-no. Stay away from that, and you’re safe.

3. Wear long kurtas/kameez

look slim in churidars

Looking slim in churidars is very much about what shirt you’re wearing. A few years back we saw the trend of really short kurtis and churidars. That trend was fantastic but only for zero-size actresses of Bollywood and television industry.
For a normal woman who lives a normal life without starving herself to death, the trend was a faux-pas.
Short kurtis with tight fitted churidars look disastrous. To look slim in churidars, you must opt for longer kurtis. Long straight kurtis are great, and even Anarkali suits will look fantastic. Just the length is what matters here for the magic to happen.
There you have them!
The magical secrets to look slim in Churidars.
If you want to know more about how to rock the ethnic wear look, keep following our blog for more tips.

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