How To Accessorize Printed Sarees?

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Printed sarees are ideal for casual wear and office wear. You can also wear them to meet your friends or go on a date. It’s the perfect attire when you want to dress up in a very light and subtle manner.

Printed Sarees are already trending due to the kind of variations in the prints – geometric prints, animal prints and abstract prints. But here’s the problem – how to accessorize printed sarees according to different occasions? You also need to know what goes well with such sarees. Don’t you?

You just landed in the right place. We recommend you read the entire post carefully and also shop for some newly printed sarees from our website.

  1. Wear big chunky earrings

big chunky earrings with printed sarees

If you’re dressing up for office or a casual outing, big metallic earrings go great with a lot of prints. Now, stay away from designs like peacock earrings or anything that has a lot of different colors in it.

It’s because printed sarees are usually a combination of a lot of colors and if they’re like that, you need a pair of earrings that have 1-2 colors in them.

Metallic earrings and accessories work really well to accessorize printed sarees.

2. A typical red bindi is superb to accessorize printed sarees

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Wearing a traditional red colored bindi with any printed ethnic wear dress just improves the entire outfit a hundred times. The trend is especially hot within working women.

In the office, you may not want a lot of accessories. A pair of earrings and a bindi are just enough. In fact, you can also skip earrings if you desire and let the bindi be the style statement. Try it!

3. Wear some bangles or a bracelet

bangles with printed sarees

Earrings and bindi are enough accessories when you’re dressed in a printed saree. But if you want to add something to your arms, which you should if you’re wearing a half sleeved blouse, then pick a couple of bangles or a bracelet.

Don’t wear those glass bangles which are traditional Indian accessories. Even metal bangles to a great quantity should be avoided. Rather pick two wide/big bangles and wear those or just have a bracelet.

Don’t forget to opt for a solid colored one as the saree already has a lot of colors. You want the accessories in a single color.

4. Styling printed sarees for family gatherings

accessorizing printed sarees

Let’s skip that office wear look. Maybe you just want to wear a printed saree to a small gathering or a kitty party. How should you accessorize?

First of all, if it’s a gathering of a family get together or a kitty party, you should stick to the metallic gold and silver look. Those plastic or stone accessories can rest for a few days in your jewelry box. You need accessories that are a bit traditional.

Then focus on what you’re wearing in your arms and hands. A big chunky ring in one hand and a bracelet in the other is just what you require.

Both complete the look in such an amazing manner. It’s true wow! You can wear matching earrings. Try some jhumkas for such occasions.

5. Hairstyles that go well with Printed Sarees

hairstyles for printed sarees

Loose curls are the best kind of hairstyle that you can team up with printed sarees. But leave such a hairstyle for family gatherings, kitty parties and date nights.

For a formal look, you should try a bun. Don’t put any accessories on the bun like you can see in some of the previous pictures. They don’t go well with the formal look.

But if you decide to wear a bun for a family gathering or something like that, feel free to use some floral accessories for your hair.

6. Wear a choker necklace with printed sarees

Choker necklace with printed sarees

We wouldn’t recommend you to wear necklaces with printed sarees for normal occasions or office. The look is more than complete with earrings, bracelet, bindi and a ring. You’ll overdo it with a necklace.

But there’s one kind of necklace that can fulfill your desire to wear a necklace to flaunt your thin neckline. It’s the choker necklace! Those are so hot these days, and they truly go well with printed sarees, especially if you’re going for animal print sarees.

7. Go bare with bright colored sarees

accessorizing printed sarees

If the saree color is very bright like the one shown in the picture, you should minimize the accessories. Wear studs instead of long hanging earrings. And wear a bun for a perfect office wear look. For a slightly casual and party wear appeal, wear bangles and keep the hair loose. That’s it.

8. Makeup for printed sarees

Time to discuss the final thing about styling printed sarees. We hope you have got all the other questions answered regarding how to accessorize printed sarees.

For makeup, go for a smoky eye or neutral look when it comes to eyeshadow. Thin eyeliner is the best option. For lipstick, go for glossy shades that will go with the saree color as well as your skin tone. Add a touch of blush to your cheek to complete the look.

Last but not the least, remember that printed sarees aren’t only for light occasions or office wear or casual wear. You can also wear these to proper parties where you dress up a lot. We would leave you with an idea of such a look. Hope you enjoyed reading the post on how to accessorize printed sarees and found it helpful. Do let us know if you did!

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