Holiday Gifting Guide: Party Wear Saree Gifts To Gift This Holiday Season

Mirror Work Party Wear Saree Gifts

Are you looking for some awesome party wear saree gifts? Holiday season is here and you need to rush up your shopping to ensure all gift shopping is done way before the holiday rush comes crashing upon your holiday plans. Don’t let your laziness ruin your holiday gifts and start working on them now.
To help you out, we will be bring you an extensive list of gifting ideas for holidays. Keep checking our blog daily for more updates. This post, however, is dedicated to help you with party wear saree gifts.

Why Party Wear Saree?

If you were in India, you wouldn’t ask such a question in the first place. It’s a gifting norm, honestly. You gift some fancy sarees to your loved ones. You make sure you give them something they can show off during the next big occasion. That’s why. Short and simple.

What Party Wear Saree Gifts?

Now, you know why! But what? What sarees should you gift? Which design? Which fabric? Which pattern? Which style?

Popular Fabrics For Party Wear Saree Gifts

  1. 1. Georgette

It’s the king of fabrics and goes easy on your pocket too. Poly georgette and faux georgette are the most popular fabrics at the moment for party wear sarees, merely because they’re durable, inexpensive and versatile. Any kind of design – embroidery, embellishments and print sits well on georgette. Maintenance is never a problem with this fabric. Quality? Well, quality, in case of every fabric, depends on where you shop from. If you’re shopping from, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

2. Chiffon

The second most popular party wear fabric is obviously the light-weight and comfy chiffon. When chiffon sarees are in question, they cannot take very heavy embroidery. So, think of all those designer sarees with less work and more class and that’s where chiffon will be.

3. Silk

Now, don’t think of just one silk here. There are several silk sarees like bhagalpuri silk sarees (the most inexpensive ones), dupion silk sarees (the very beautiful and popular ones), art silk sarees (very inexpensive but fancy ones) and pure silk sarees (more of a hassle than a usual wear item ones). We suggest you stick to bhagalpuri silk, art silk and dupion silk sarees for they will sit in a good range for holiday gifting. Pure silk sarees get too expensive and they’re more like those gifts which sit in a person’s cupboard forever. If you had to buy a useless gift like that, you wouldn’t be shopping for clothes anyway. Right?

Popular Designs For Party Wear Saree Gifts

  1. Chiffon Sarees With Border And Embroidered Blouses

Chiffon sarees look best when they have just a beautiful selection of color on them and a fancy border. But to add a bit of taste to the outfit, you must pick chiffon sarees with fancy blouses. Think of embroidered blouses that play a major role in the look of the outfit. That’s what you can consider for party wear saree gifts for holiday season.
party wear saree gifts

2. Sarees With Mirror Work

Another rising trend amongst party wear sarees is the mirror work. It’s definitely a traditional art of India that has been very popular. But the trend is making a comeback with saree borders and is here to stay. Such sarees are perfect for gifting to young women who like a touch of tradition in their outfits.
Mirror Work Party Wear Saree Gifts

3. Traditional Bandhani Printed Sarees

Another amazing style you can gift during this holiday season is bandhani printed sarees. They’re also called bandhej sarees. These sarees come from Gujarat and are very popular. They will make a unique gift for even though a person may have plenty of sarees, a traditional style like this one is rare in people’s wardrobe unless they’ve been hoarding this same style already. Even if it’s the latter case, they will admire another piece in their wardrobe and will thank you profusely for giving such a thoughtful gift.
party wear saree gifts

4. Jacket Style Sarees

A gift for a woman who’s already a fashion savvy person can be tricky. You need to gift her the right style – something trendy and gorgeous. The only solution to this puzzle is a jacket style saree. The style recently came to trend and there’s very few chances that she already has it in her wardrobe. It’s totally fresh and fantastic. Go for it.

Honestly, these are just four suggestions. We have hundreds of designs for you to select from our latest party wear sarees collection. Go through those and pick one for yourself. All those designs are handpicked from our HUGE collection of sarees, so be sure that you’re seeing only the most trending designs. Nothing else.
What do you think of this post? Did you like it? Do you have any questions? Do you have some other topic you want us to cover in this gifting guide series? Comment!

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