Fancy Sarees Blouse Trends You must Know About

fancy sarees blouse

Are you looking for the latest fancy sarees blouse trends? What designs are outdated? What’s new? What’s working? All the answers are right here.

  1. Embroidered Zariwork blouses

sarees blouse trends
The topmost design these days is the embroidered blouse. Embroidered blouses have always been there. But they’re mostly reserved for big weddings and very important occasions, which are rare.
Nowadays, embroidered zariwork blouses are finding a place in Diwali parties, kitty parties and regulars like those as well.
These look very traditional and classy. The whole look of the outfit gets transformed due to such zariwork blouses.
Style Tip: When you’re wearing such fancy sarees blouse, go for a rather plain saree. It will tone down the look enough to make it suitable to wear at regular parties.

2. Long Sleeves

sarees blouse trends
The trend is much welcome. Those super short sleeved and sleeveless blouses were a hassle in themselves. You need to prep up so much just to wear those (we are referring to all those salon visits you have to do before wearing such a blouse).
Long sleeved fancy sarees blouse can help you slay the occasion in the best manner. These look beautiful and if you combine this trend with the embroidered zariwork trend, it will be even better.
Style Tip: Did you know long sleeves give your arms a slimmer look? Anytime, you want to hide your chubby arms, go for long sleeved blouses.

3. Back Cut Outs

sarees blouse trends
Blouse back designs were really hot last to last year. And these are back with a bang. Back designs make you look so good, why would you even question about such an awesome trend! Just start shopping for sarees with fancy back cut outs.
The popular styles in these are tear drop cut outs, floral shaped cut outs, classic round shaped cut outs, lip shaped horizontal cut outs and many more. Just pick what you like the most.

4. Net Contrast Sleeves

sarees blouse trends
We told you how sleeves are in the focus at present. Another way to glam up the sleeves is to have the net sleeves in a contrast shade. The beauty of this trend is so that you can just change any blouse using this technique. You don’t have to look for a saree that has a blouse like this. You can pick any existing one in your wardrobe, preferrably sleevless ones, get contrast colored net fabric dyed and then stitched for you. It will barely take any money but it will definitely spice up your regular boring blouses. Try it!
Those are the top four fancy sarees blouse trends. There are definitely more coming up. We will keep you informed as always.
All the pictures used are from our upcoming collections which will be live on October 24, 2017. Good luck with your online sarees shopping.
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