What Everyone Must Know About Georgette Sarees And Fabric

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Are you amazed by how georgette sarees are being thrown into your faces all the time? Be it an online shop or a normal shop near you, everybody is talking about this ‘new’ fabric and apparently, every fancy item is coming up in this fabric only – georgette.
What is it? What’s so special about georgette fabric? What is that you must know about it if you’re new to this fabric? Why go for georgette sarees? Are they any different from your favorite fabrics like silk, cotton, and chiffon?
Find out answers to all your well-put questions in this post. Keep reading!
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The Creation Of Georgette Fabric

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The inspiration behind the creation of georgette fabric is chiffon. There was a demand for something very close to chiffon but much more strong and durable. In 1915, an Italian designer Madame Georgette de la Plante invented this fabric for her designs. She was, just like other Italian designers, an innovative individual who gifted this amazing fabric to the world.

What Is Georgette Like?

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Oh! You won’t believe how many people ask us this. Tell me, what’s georgette like? 
It’s a sheer fabric that can be either transparent or opaque. Both varieties are widely popular. It often has a twisted feel to it, which is why georgette sarees are very much-loved. This crushed feel of the fabric accentuate your figure and make you look so good.
As the inspiration behind the creation of Georgette was chiffon fabric, it is flowy just like chiffon but it is more opaque than chiffon. Hence, it’s a suitable fabric for a more conservative crowd that doesn’t like the transparent nature of chiffon.
Georgette is being widely used for dresses like sarees, suits, gowns, lehengas, kurtis, and tops.

Types Of Georgette Fabric

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Honestly, you will find a lot of types of georgette but mainly, you’ll find yourself among poly georgette and faux georgette. What’s the difference?
Poly georgette is rather expensive. In fact, poly georgette is five times costlier than faux georgette.
Poly georgette has a rather soft roughness to it whereas faux georgette is slightly rougher.
There are also other types like nylon georgette, satin georgette, jacquard georgette and so on.

Faux Georgette Sarees & Dresses

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You’ll find that most of the fancy dresses being produced right now make use of Faux Georgette. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to tell you more about it.
Did you know faux georgette is one of the most popular (currently reigning) fabric in the Indian ethnic fashion industry? What is it?
It’s sort of artificial georgette. The difference is that Georgette is made from silk yarns whereas faux georgette is made from yarns of nylon, rayon or polyester. Yes, poly georgette is a kind of faux georgette.
Why is faux georgette so popular for Indian wear? It’s because:

  • Faux georgette is suitable for all seasons.
  • It is very easy to do embroidery or print on this fabric.
  • Even though it’s very light and flowy, it’s durable and lasts long – just what Indians admire about clothing.
  • It is much more affordable than normal georgette.
  • When we discuss faux georgette sarees specifically, they just don’t feel as heavy as they usually do when they’re draped in georgette.

Difference Between Georgette And Chiffon

  1. Georgette fabric is a bit dull as compared to chiffon.
  2. It’s more opaque than chiffon.
  3. It is a bit rougher than chiffon.
  4. It is slightly heavier than chiffon.
  5. It is more durable than chiffon.

Who Should Buy Georgette Outfits or Georgette Sarees?

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  1. If you need something that accentuates your figure and is flowy, go for georgette. It’s especially a recommended fabric when you want some flare to your dress. A saree’s pleats fall in a very beautiful and pleasing manner when you use georgette fabric.
  2. It’s especially a recommended fabric when you want some flare to your dress. A saree’s pleats fall in a very beautiful and pleasing manner when you use georgette fabric.
  3. If you love the soft silky touch to the fabric but want to avoid the hassle of wearing silk, georgette can be a good option for you.
  4. It’s a lightweight fabric. So, ethnic wear with heavy embroidery is extremely comfortable and light when crafted on georgette.

How To Take Care Of Georgette Fabric?

Yes, it’s stronger than chiffon but it still needs your love and care.

  • Handwash.
  • Use a light detergent.
  • Dry in indirect sunlight.

We hope we answered all your queries regarding georgette fabric and georgette sarees. Will it help you make a good decision? Tell us if you have any more questions. We’ll be happy to help.

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