Top 7 Ethnic Fashion Trends For 2019 Festive Season

ethnic fashion trends 2019

Ethnic fashion trends change rapidly. If you think you’re up to date with them on the basis of what you saw everybody wearing last year, you’re in for a big shock. This year, 2019, is rapidly coming to an end with the Indian festival season already kickstarted with the beautiful festival of Rakshah Bandhan.

Now, if you want to ensure you’re wearing everything that’s in trend and nothing outdated in this festive season, keep reading!

Top Fashion Trends of 2019

  1. Sharara Suits

sharara suits for festive season ethnic fashion trends

There was a time when everybody would wear Anarkalis. Seriously!

Now, it’s that time for the shararas. The best part is there are few variations you can try with sharara suits. Some are tight around the thighs and then flare out at the bottom, while some are flared imitating the good ol’ and favorite lehengas. Whatever you pick, it’s going to work in the 2019 festive season.

2. Ruffled Lehengas

ruffled lehengas

Lehengas with heavy embroidery, typically seen during weddings are not trending right now, unless you’re getting married. For this festive season, plain lehengas with trending features like ruffles, and mirror work are what you need to pay attention to.

3. Lustrous Tones

festive wear cotton silk saree

When it comes to festive sarees, silk is the fabric of choice. Not pure silk sarees, because we all know what a nightmare it is to manage them and they’re way too expensive. Aren’t they?

Lighter and more affordable fabrics like cotton silk and art silk are the fabrics of choice this festive season. The ethnic fashion trends for sarees involve such silk sarees with self prints. The unique part about such styles is the lustre of the fabric itself that stands out and does all the talking.

4. Coral & Peachy Shades

When it comes to colours for this festive season, the pastels are still trending. Shades like coral and peach are the top picks everywhere. These colours are subtle and help you achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look.

5. Micro Purses

ethnic wear accessories

Clutches and huge handbags are gone now. The choice of accessory this festive season are micro purses. These are usually embroidered and make a statement with the outfit you’re wearing.

6. Sarees With Innovative Draping Styles

Listen! The sarees are the same. You can find thousands of sarees for online shopping on our website. But the real difference would be made by how you style it, how you drape it. So, don’t drape it in the usual style and try something different. Google it!

That’s one of the most exciting ethnic fashion trends out there and if you do end up styling a Brijraj saree in an innovative way, send us pictures so we can showcase you on our Instagram page. Deal?

7. Abstract Prints

Abstract prints in suits and sarees are the motif of choice. Embroidered ethnic wear has its unique space but the reigning queen is the abstract print. Wait – Queen or King?

There you go! Those are top 7 ethnic fashion trends for festive season 2019. Are you ready to rock this season? Comment below if it’s a yes!