5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Designer Anarkali Suits

designer anarkali suits
Craving for a designer anarkali suit in your closet? Anarkalis bring that awe and admiration that Indian women have plenty within themselves, to cherish a style like this. However, not all Anarkali suits come alike. Some designer wear are just below acceptable quality and finesse. How do you spot such things and make better buying decisions? Read our post to know more!

Facts About Designer Anarkali Suits

designer anarkali suits

  1. Replicas in the name of originals

98% of the sellers are selling you fake stuff. Have you seen those posts about Chinese online shops that ship you totally different products? That’s quite similar to what happens with Indian women who shop for designer Anarkali Suits.
Apart from the cheap quality of fabric (which you can still bear if you’re looking for Cheap Anarkali Suits), you also get dresses which are not at all flowy, flary, and fluffy like an actual frock suit should be or the way it seems when you look at the picture.

2. Fakes in the name of designer Anarkali Suits

All those amazing Facebook sellers that boast of designer wear seem very attractive. Don’t they? They ship DESIGNER products at low price. Well, think again!
If somebody was such a great seller that he was associated with great designers like Vishal and so on, why would he be selling just via Facebook? Wouldn’t he have a full-fledged online site where every single policy – return policy, shipping policy, payment policy, cancellation policy, privacy policy and so on is explicitly mentioned which you could use against them in case they caused you a problem?
There are so many things we don’t check when we’re sold by clever sellers. But most of the times, clever sellers are the ones that give you fakes.

3. 30% order fulfillment by online stores

Most of the online stories never reach above 30%. But wait! What is that? Let’s say there are 100 orders placed on a particular online site. Out of them, only 30 are actually shipped. That’s the order fulfillment rate of current online retail industry in India.
What happens to other 70 orders? Either they are not shipped, or the exact product isn’t shipped. And out of these 70 orders, many are the ones who never return the amount paid by the customer (in case, of pre-payment).
Only the reputed businesses that have been in business for a long time or are serious about their reputation actually care about the order fulfillment and proper returns.
designer anarkali suits

4. Inflated prices

The word “inflation” got popular when we started seeing the prices of normal goods increasing day by day. We noticed them and raised our voice against them, so much that we even changed our government and chose a different leader. But do you know the stats about inflation in Indian fashion industry?
Most of the premiere brands multiply the amount by 15 times when they get the product from the wholesaler. For example, if we’re the wholesaler and you’re a seller, and we sell you a product at Rs. 100. You, as a seller, will multiply it by 15 and sell at the resultant retail price i.e. Rs. 1500.
That’s what you’re buying when you’re buying from any Facebook sellers or even online sellers. You buy a product of Rs. 100 for Rs. 1500. Do you really want to do that? If not, shop from the businesses that don’t do that and rather sell you at reasonable retail prices which are not inflated to 15 times.

5. Horrible customer service

Do the giant e-commerce sites care about you? Actually, they do, but the thing is when you call them with a problem, you don’t talk to the people who really care about you.
Rather, you talk to a customer care executive who doesn’t care if you’re happy or not because first of all, he isn’t happy with his meager salary and secondly, he doesn’t even like the business he’s working for.
Compare it to a small business that has a small workforce, and you will see a sense of belonging in each of the employees. Every employee cares about the business and customer’s happiness. They treat you like GOD. What would you prefer?
Those are the 5 things nobody will tell you about designer Anarkali suits. You may ask why did we tell! Because we stay miles away from these five moles of the online Indian fashion industry making people trust it lesser day by day. We like to be transparent, keep reasonable retail prices, sell original merchandise and designer collections and care way too much about customer happiness.
If you admire our straightforwardness and effort to be a top choice for online shoppers for designer Anarkali suits, then check out buy anarkali suits from Brijraj NOW!

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