How To Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Like A Pro?

Buy Indian ethnic wear online


Buying Indian ethnic wear is an art.

While you see your mother and grandmother buy Indian ethnic wear, you don’t realize the skills it takes.
Imagine how your mother does it. She walks into the store as if she owns it, asks the shopkeeper to show her some nice suits in range Rs. 1000-1500. She smirks when he begins with suits above Rs. 2000. She is okay. You see, she will ensure she gets it at Rs. 1500 only.
She asks the shopkeeper to show some new variety. Whatever he has shown so far is termed “all old and else”. Then she looks around what other customers are checking out. The clothes are piling up.
When it gets so high that the shopkeeper sitting behind it is nearly invisible, your mother decides she wants the second piece the shopkeeper showed her when she entered the store. She finalizes it, does some bargaining and walks out of the store like a queen.
All this time you were thinking your mother is just passing time but she was doing serious work. She ensured she gets to see the entire variety in the store, whether she wants it or not. She makes sure she sees every thing every customer gets to see in the store. She makes sure she gets a good price and isn’t overcharged. And then she purchases. It’s all a craft.
You do admire your mother’s skills and want to buy Indian ethnic wear just how she does but you don’t have enough time to spend in that shop. Do you? You would prefer the ease of shopping online. Alas! Your mother can’t teach you how to buy Indian ethnic wear online like a pro. But we can.

How To Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online?

buy indian ethnic wear
Warning: This is going to be a long post for we need you to understand every single detail.

  1. Decide what you want to buy

Indian ethnic wear is a very generic term. There are so many types that you have to be specific if you want to save some time and effort.
Step no 1 –  Choose the style of Indian ethnic wear. Decide what you want – suit, saree, lehenga or kurti. Those are obviously the basic ones. If you’re working on putting together a customized outfit, you will need to shop for each of the items separately. For example, a blouse or a dupatta or a lehenga skirt or so on.
buy indian ethnic wear
Step no. 2 – Think of your fabric preferences. Is there any fabric you don’t want to buy? Or is there any specific fabric you want to buy?
Georgette fabric is the most popular party wear fabric. Chiffon, georgette, and art silk are very popular in sarees. Georgette and net are very popular in suits. Rayon and crepe are popular in kurtis. Net, georgette, and silk are popular in lehengas.
Light weight fabrics like chiffon and georgette are easy to drape. For office wear sarees, the crepe is the basic fabric used. Newer fabrics like dupion and brocade are also popular in sarees. Cotton is a fabric that you should reserve only for casual wear.
You’ll need to think of the occasion, style and design you will buy and pick your fabric preferences accordingly. You won’t find a cotton suit with heavy zari work. It’s very obvious. Similarly, you wouldn’t find a cotton party wear suit easily. You won’t find a cotton party wear saree either. So, set your expectations right.
buy indian ethnic wear
Step 3 – Think of the design you would prefer. You don’t have to be specific here. We mean, that’s what shopping is for – to discover new designs that you want to buy and wear. But still, entering into a shopping website blindfolded is equivalent to wasting time and causing utter confusion. You need an idea about the design you’re looking for.
Think of your comfort level, occasion, and taste in this step. What’s the occasion? Do you want wedding wear suits or casual wear sarees? Do you want a kurta for party wear or office wear? Do you want a bridal lehenga or just a lehenga to wear at your friend’s wedding? Do you want saree for farewell or saree for an ethnic day at the office?
What’s your taste? If you’re buying something to attend a wedding, are you going to wear a saree or suit? With sarees, are you comfortable with revealing net sarees or do you want to go for traditional embroidered sarees or do you prefer sarees with a modern touch? With suits, do you want the timeless Anarkali suits or the latest sharara style suits? Or do you want to go for a basic embroidered straight suit? Do you want a printed design or an embroidered design? If embroidered design, how heavy you want the embroidery to be? What type of embroidery do you want – resham work, zari work, chikankari work or something else? If print, what type of print you want – floral print, abstract print, traditional print or something else?
Remember, you don’t need to be specific here. You just need a basic idea to sort out the designs.
buy indian ethnic wear

2. Browse through designs

Once you are sure about your preferences to buy Indian ethnic wear, you can move to actual shopping work. Two most important things – 1. Picking the website you want to shop from 2. Browsing the actual designs from that website.

  1. Picking the website you want to shop from

Chances are you have already shopped online before. If you trust a website fully and also, like their ethnic wear collection, you should definitely stick to them and shop from that website. But, never be afraid to give new websites a try.
We know, you’re scared to try new online shopping websites. What if they sell fake products? What if they ate your money? What if their quality is terrible? It won’t happen if you keep the following things in mind.

  • Search for the brand’s presence on social media. See if the brand is present on various social media websites and if there are real people interacting on their pages. See what they are saying about them.
  • Check the brand’s return and cancellation policy. You truly want to stick to a brand that lets you return the product if you don’t like it. Online shopping will always leave a chance of you not getting what you had expected. Sometimes, it’s nobody’s mistake. So, you just need a way out of this.
  • See if they have a live chat and address all your questions there. Many trusted brands have a live chat feature where you can talk to one of their representatives right on their website. The live chat will help you decide whether you want to trust the brand or not. Moreover, brands like us love chatting with their customers and helping them out with their queries.
  • Check if the brand is selling originals or replicas. Indian ethnic wear online is a very tricky business. The product that you will see on our website for about Rs. 5000, the same product can be found at Rs. 500-1000 on some other website. But is it really same? No. Never. Picture maybe the same but there are high chances that it’s a replica. Now, we all know why people head to Chandni Chowk markets. You get to buy a replica dress of a big designer and you save a lot of money. But when you’re already shopping for affordable designer and Indian ethnic wear, going even cheaper than that comes at the cost of quality. So, replicas of our dresses are easily available but they’re also cheap and seldom look like representation in the picture. So, no matter where you choose to shop, keep in mind to not go for replicas. Cheap quality products are just not worth your time and money. They may give you the momentary satisfaction that you got such a good deal but once you get the product, all you will do is frown and regret.

Keeping these things in mind, you are ready to buy Indian ethnic wear online.
buy indian ethnic wear

2. Browsing the actual design on the website

Now is the time for the final step – actual picking the design and purchasing it. Keep the following in mind.
1.Make sure you see the picture very carefully. If you have chosen the right brand to shop from, you can be assured that you will get exactly what you see in the picture. But that doesn’t mean you cannot go wrong with it.
Let us give you an example. One of our customers bought a suit from our suit collection. Now, a lot of those suits have patch work embroidery. The customer didn’t take a serious look at the photo and never noticed that it’s patch work embroidery. She wasn’t exactly expecting the patch work embroidery. She discussed with us and we pointed this out to her and now, she easily browses through designs without getting confused about that.
2. Keep in mind that there will be a slight color difference in what you see in the picture and what you get. It’s a technical limitation. When we click the photo of the product, we try our best to keep the colors just as they are. But due to brightness settings of your screen and the usual contrast settings of the picture, the color variation becomes inevitable.
As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that actual color of the product is slightly lighter than what you see in the picture.
buy indian ethnic wear
3. Note the fabric details carefully. Most of the websites, like us, have a box full of fabric description with each product. We always mention the color, length and the fabric details of each product. It’s crucial that you read it before buying.
There you go! Those are the important things you must know to buy Indian ethnic wear online. You should also check the reviews whenever available to get some tips regarding what you are purchasing. They can be really helpful at times.
If you have any other question related to how to buy Indian ethnic wear online, feel free to ask us in the comments. We’ll be happy to help.

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