The Enchanting Tale of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

bhagalpuri silk sarees

Talk of heritage and tradition, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are an evergreen favorite of every Indian woman who loves draping sarees. One of the finest textured silks, this one is known for its sheen and grandeur which are symbolic of the magnificence that a saree represents.

You will be surprised and proud at the same time to know that Bhagalpuri silk sarees have become popular across India as well as the world. The fabric is known for its finesse and has found favor amongst the fashion enthusiasts of the world.

As for India, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are the favorite of all generations for occasions such as weddings, family functions, religious occasions and other celebrations; a legacy that has been handed down from one era to the other.

bhagalpuri silk sarees

The Origin

The origin of Bhagalpuri silk sarees can be traced to the city of Bhagalpur in Bihar. Known as “silk city” in popular culture, Bhagalpur has a history of skilled craftsmen who excelled at weaving this unique type of silk. What sets Bhagalpuri silk apart from other varieties of silk is the fact that it is environment-friendly; limited number of silk worms is used during the production of this silk. Due to this very reason, Bhagalpuri silk is also sometimes referred to as “peace silk”.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are one of the oldest art works in India. What once began as an ordinary task of separating the threads from the silk worms and then spinning on a yarn to weave a brilliantly-textured fabric soon became an area of interest and the source of livelihood for many silk artisans in Bhagalpur. Such was the craftsmanship of these artisans that even the Mughals who ruled India during those days, could not help but appreciate the beauty of the fabric.

Quality of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

So remarkable is the quality of silk produced in Bhagalpur, that it is exported to different parts not only within the country, but even outside India. As a matter of fact, the designers from top fashion hubs of the world such as Paris and Milan have also started using Bhagalpur silk in their creations.

Varieties Available

Speaking of varieties, you will never fall short of choices when it comes to Bhagalpuri silk sarees. These are available in multiple hues and prints, intricate embroidery designs, and patterns. For those who want the best of both worlds, Bhagalpuri silk sarees also come in the form of a blended fabric which is a mix of both cotton and silk. You can find all these varieties and more, at highly reasonable prices on our website. We guarantee you will love the quality and diversity of the fabric.

How To Take Care of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees?

Coming down to maintenance, it is always a good idea to get Bhagalpuri silk sarees dry-cleaned. This goes a long way in maintaining the luster and color of the fabric. Always store these sarees in dry and air-tight boxes, wrapped in translucent paper, so that moisture does not cause any damage.

So if royalty and tradition are what you are looking at, then go for Bhagalpuri silk sarees. This elegant and rich fabric is the perfect tribute to the Indian tradition of sarees.

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