Anarkali Suits For Short Height? – Do’s And Dont’s

deep neck anarkali suits for short height

Anarkalis suits for short height? Can you still flaunt them? Can you still look good in them? How to make them work for your height? We have all the answers right here.

Anarkalis Suits For Short Height

Here’s the thing – short height people almost always struggle with suits.  Ethnic wear has been harsh to them. Not anymore. If you just become a bit creative with your dressing and follow our fashion blog regularly, you can gather some great tips on how to make ethnic wear work with short height. Today, we’re sharing tips about making Anarkali suits work for short height. Here’s what you need to know!
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  1. Try to Avoid Floor Length Anarkalis

We know, they’re extremely popular but if you don’t have this dream floor length outfit, steer clear from floor length dresses. They make you look shorter. Point made.
But hey! Don’t get disappointed. If you still want to wear floor length suits, here are some pointers to help you with your suits online shopping or even offline.

  • Buy suits that can be altered as you will need to get these altered. Anybody whose height is below 5.4 ft must keep this in mind.
  • There are two ways to alter the Anarkali – from the mid section and from the bottom.
  • If there’s embroidery at the bottom, bottom cannot be modified.
  • If there’s embroidery at the midriff, it cannot be modified.
  • Midriff should be sectioned into wide kalis. If small frills are there, it won’t be possible to alter.
  • Always try to see from where can you alter and then pick the dress.

2. Go For Aysmmetrical Asuits

Anarkali suits for short height
Asymmetric Anarkalis are in trend and it’s really good news for women looking for Anarkali suits for short height. Asymmetric dresses create the illusion of longer height and thus, help you look taller.

3. Go For Deep Necks

deep neck anarkali suits for short height
Neck designs can make a lot of difference to how tall you look. If you go for deep-necked suits, it will help you give an elongated look to your physique and make it look super gorgeous.

4. Prefer Frock Anarkali To Normal Kalidaar

Anarkali suits for short height
Kalidaar Anarkalis look fuller and that doesn’t help at all for women with short height. However, the frock suits look fantastic for women of short height. Make your choice while keeping this in mind.

5. Go For Small Motifs

It’s highly recommended for women with short height to pick motifs that are small. Broad embroidered patters or printed designs make you look even shorter whereas the tiny ones do the opposite. Choose wisely.
There you go women! We have shared five of the most important tips to keep in mind while picking Anarkali suits for short height.  We hope these will help you out. Do let us know if there’s some other question hovering in your mind. We’ll be happy to help!

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