5 Anarkali Suit Styles That Are in Vogue

anarkali suit styles

The swaying layers of fabric laden with embroidery, topped with shiny sequins and stones, combined with a thin dupatta that wraps around you along with a bottom that plays hide and seek all the time, that’s what Anarkali suit styles do.

Anarkali dresses are one of the oldest and much-loved ethnic wear style in the country. A big fat Indian wedding won’t be in its full spirits if Anarkali dresses weren’t a part of it. With so many functions to attend, you definitely pick one Anarkali (if not, more) to make yourself feel good.

But with the increase in the trend, we’re going out of options. Most of the Anarkali suit styles have gotten too common, too boring and too meh! We need an air of freshness. Don’t we?

If you agree with that, we’ve five new Anarkali suit styles to help you kill the boredom in your fashion world.

  1. Double Layered Anarkali Suit Styles

anarkali suit styles

Think of all those disney princess gowns which have a very big flare and which push you to imagine yourself wearing those stunning dresses! Double layered anarkali suits do that to your ethnic wear self.

As evident from the name, these types of Anarkalis have double layers, one of which is usually printed or embroidered and other is plain to create an unforgettable and extremely classy look.

2. Gown Style Anarkali Suits

anarkali suit styles

Let us take you even closer to that ‘princess dream’. Gown style suits or Indian gowns are the Indian version of western gowns. There’s no difference except for the fact that you don’t feel naked from underneath whereas while wearing an Indian gown, you have an option to have a dupatta. Otherwise, Indian gowns and gowns can be just the same – awesome, isn’t it?

3. Different embroideries

Anarkali suit styles are often differentiated through the type of embroidery work that goes on the dress. Which are the trending embroideries right now? There are four!

First, you have the style that has made a comeback and has dug its feet deep in the grounds of the fashion world – mirror work. Coming from many traditional styles, mirror work gives an outfit a very traditional and festive look. Earlier, whenever you thought of mirror work, you thought of chaniya cholis and dandiya. Now, you think of Drashti Dhami suits with mirror work that wants you to attend all the wedding functions in mirror work Anarkalis.

anarkali suit styles

Next, you have pure thread work. Not in that old fashioned way where you had thread work on the top area and then, on the border. Now, we’re talking about heavy Anarkali suits with thread work ALL OVER THEM. Front, back, top, bottom, mid and even, the sleeves! Every single portion of the fabric used to make the frock is laden with thread embroidery and it doesn’t seem too much as we would have thought a couple of years back. It looks gorgeous.

Third, you have the sequins. With western brands like ZARA making the young women go crazy with sequinned tops, skirts and coats, our Indian designers didn’t stay far behind in leaving the women spellbound with the anarkali designs with lots of sequins. Who would have thought we would forget such a festive motif? We did and thankfully, we brought it back, even if it was after we followed the western fashion trends.

Lastly, we have our old hottie with zari work. The thread work is so sophisticated (usually, expensive too) but it streams royalty. It looks so good.

4. Jacket style suits

Aanarkali suit styles

Jacket style Anarkali suits are again a great style which helped us introduce layering in the Indian ethnic wear. Long and short jackets – both have been combined with anarkalis and did justice to the whole outfit. The trick is to pick an embroidered jacket for a rather plain anarkali and a plain (usually made of net or sheer fabric like chiffon) jacket with an embroidered anarkali.

5. Cape style Anarkali suits

anarkali suit styles

Cape anarkali suit styles are also the gift from the west. Capes suddenly started making rounds in all the major fashion shows around the world and our Indian palates needed an Indian way to style capes. We got that with Anarkalis. Who knew traditional anarkalis would go so well with something so modern?

Those are the five anarkali suit styles you need to look out for in the coming months. Don’t miss out on these. Tell us which ones you like the most!

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