7 Most Pleasing Lehengas Colors For This Wedding Season

top lehengas colors

Are you looking to buy lehengas online for the wedding season? Before you actually move on to select a design, you need to cut to the trending lehengas colors and lehengas designs of the season. Only then, you’ll be able to make a fuss-free choice that you’ll be proud of.
But are you wondering where to find out about the best lehengas colors of the season? You’re just a line away from finding out about all the great colors for this wedding season. In this post, we’ll tell you about the seven most trending lehengas colors for this wedding season.
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  1. Mustard Yellow

The most festive and traditional color of the season is mustard yellow. Now, don’t get repelled with this beautiful color by thinking that it’s yellow. Yellow is so bright and often avoided while going for fancy wedding lehengas. But mustard yellow is just the right color for wedding lehengas.
It has the right amount of brightness but it isn’t too bright. It looks very well with contrast shades like pink, orange, blue and maroon.  If you’re a person who loves mix and match, such a color can be your best friend. Go ahead and pick it!
lehengas colors for wedding season

2. Top lehengas colors – Bottle Green

Next best color for this season is bottle green. It’s that dark green shade that makes you look toned and gorgeous. Add to it the most popular fabric of the season – velvet and you’ll have an irresistible combination. Of course, the much-loved golden embroidery looks fantastic on this color, which is why you must never think twice before buying a beautiful green lehenga for weddings.
top lehengas colors

3. Peach

Another amazing lehengas color that is being loved by women in India is peach. The shade is such a beautiful combination of hues. Think of the pictures that will capture you in a beautiful peach dress – in a bright sunlight shot, you will have the lovely bright peach lehenga to flaunt, in the indoor shot, you will rock the lightest pinkish shade and in the perfect light, your peach lehenga will look even more adorable. Wear it in whatever lighting condition, the color will bring out the best in you. Try it!
lehengas colors for wedding season

4. The Pretty Pink

There are three shades of pink that are getting a lot of love –  baby pink, light pink and rani pink. All three shades will look amazing according to who wears it. If you have a darker complexion, we suggest you go for light or rani pink. If you’re so fair that you have to put on a blush to avoid looking pale, go for baby pink. For any other complexion, light pink is the right pick.
The best part about this color is that when you combine a pink lehenga with something like a blue choli or dupatta, you get the classic color combination that has never disappointed Indian women. It’s the safest choice of lehengas colors for this wedding season.
lehengas colors for wedding season

5. Cyan Blue

Another beautiful trending shade that we have to feature in our lehengas colors post is cyan blue. It’s this amazing aqua type shade that’s pleasing to the eyes and is still a fresh color all around the world. The color looks fantastic and is a must-buy!
lehengas colors for wedding season

6. Navy Blue

lehengas colors for wedding season
Lastly, we have another blue color that’s a top pick this wedding season – navy blue. The darkest blue is so beautiful and is a very royal shade that looks great with Indian embroidery and embellishments.
There you go ladies and gentlemen! We have made your shopping easier with this lehengas colors report. We have brought you the most trending colors of the season. Do us a favor and tell us which one is your favorite. Comment below now!

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