6 Most Popular Types of Kurtis And Styling Ideas

types of kurtis

Are you looking for some of the best types of kurtis that you can include in your personal style? If yes, you’re at the right place.

Kurtis went from being one of the most unseen ethnic wear to one of the most wanted Indian ethnic wear, amongst Indians and foreigners both. The outfit is insanely versatile and is easy to style. Even though the range has no limit on the higher side, but starting range is very affordable, tempting you to pick a lot of them in one go.

But unless, you know the most popular types of kurtis this season, you’ll be going in blindly and that’s not right. Let us tell you which are the most popular ones.

  1. Anarkali Kurtis

types of kurti

With the onset of summer, the free flowing and breathable dresses are rising in popularity. Anarkali kurtis, being the free flowing, unfailingly stylish and comfortable outfits, have to be at the top of the list.

The best part about such types of kurtis is that even in this one particular style, you have a lot of options. Flared anarkalis, buttoned anarkalis, anarkalis with slits, floor length anarkalis and long anarkalis – all of these are trending and screaming for your attention.

2. Overlay type or double layered kurtis

types of kurti

Don’t you get fooled with the word ‘double layered’. Layering is in, even in summer. Why wouldn’t it be? A thin layer of georgette on top of the bottom layer doesn’t really make you uncomfortable, rather it makes you stylish.

There are several styles and options available even in double layered kurtis. Usually, the bottom layer is made of printed fabric while the upper layer is plain or has embroidery on it. The cuts of the upper layer make all the difference.

3. Kurtis with jackets

types of kurti

Another very popular types of kurtis is the jacket style kurtis. A short jacket on top of a nice straight cut kurti looks fantastic. The jacket can be embellished or printed or even have the year’s favorite- sequins on them.

4. Sequins all the way

types of kurti

Let us take a little break here and talk of a design element instead of a kurti style – sequins. They’re so much in trend. From the classy Steve Maddens to the desi kurtis – they’re everywhere. Did we tell you that our fashion experts are a big fan of sequinned cushions? Told you, they’re everywhere.

A sequinned maxi dress kurti or any popular kurti style with the sequin detail on it – it will work this summer.

5. High Low Kurtis

types of kurti

A very nice party wear kurtis style, high low kurtis give a very gorgeous touch to an otherwise okay kurti. It can certainly pump up your outfit and make it look ten times better. That’s the beauty of high-low kurtis.

Now, we definitely want you to go beyond the basic high low kurtis. Add in some fun into the outfit with some slits, front zippers or buttons. That will make it look amazing.

6. Shirt style kurtis

types of kurti

For those of you who live in their office, some very comfortable and formal office wear kurtis are about to enter in your life – shirt style kurtis. Ladies, this is closest to your western attire but without all that fuss and discomfort. Shirt style kurtis look insanely amazing, and they’re professional – just for the girl boss in you.

Even if you’re currently taking a leave or working from home or maybe, just reading Girl boss by Sophia Amaruso, you can flaunt a shirt style kurti and be your best self. Also read, some more tips to style office wear kurtis by clicking on this link

Those are the six popular types of kurtis this season. Don’t forget to bookmark our blog so that you stay up to date with the latest in Indian fashion.

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