6 Amazing Tips To Style Party Wear Plain Sarees

Tips To Style Party Wear Plain Sarees

Less is more’, and party wear plain sarees are the perfect testimony to this fact. These elegant plain drapes are a class apart and a great way to turn heads at any gathering or event.

For all those lovely ladies out there who relish the charm of wearing party wear plain sarees, we have put together some style tips that will help you get that perfect look. Read on to know more.

party wear plain sarees

  1. Bling (read bring) that clutch

A clutch with all the glitz and shine is the perfect way to make a style statement in party wear plain sarees. You can opt for the conventional golden or silver colours.

If you are someone who loves to experiment, solid hues that match the colour of your plain saree are also a great choice.

A clutch will instantly elevate the glamour quotient of a plain saree. So ladies get one today!

2. Let the blouse do the talking

Another superb way of styling party wear plain sarees is experimenting with blouses. You can go for designer blouses in a variety of styles.

Experiment with the collars and neck: halter necks, conventional collars, Chinese collars- these all are a refreshing change from the conventional blouses.

Pick your choice of embellishments too; it could be sequins, pearls, threads, and so on. You can also go for nice bold prints.

Our recommendation for plain sarees are the floral print blouses; these are simply stunning. And if all this is not enough for you, go a step ahead with the cape.

Pick a cape in a colour which is in contrast to the hue of the saree and you are on the way to rock that fusion look!

party wear plain sarees

3. Go bold with the make-up

Bold make-up is the perfect fit to a plain saree. Go for smoky eyes, opt for a dark matte shade of lip colour, add a bindi (if you love wearing one), and a dash of mascara for those bold eyelashes.

As a matter of fact, plain sarees are your best bet to go for those heavy-duty make-up choices which you always wanted to make, but simply could not because your outfits were too heavy every time.

Let the make-up do the talking is what we mean in a nutshell!

4. Statement thy name is jewellery

A statement neck piece or a pair of heavy traditional earrings is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to accessorizing plain sarees.

The best way to go about this is that you pick one accessory that works best for you. More than one can make it look over-the-top which is something you want to avoid.

Among neck pieces, choker necklaces are a hot trend this season. For earrings, go for the chand balis or heavy danglers to complete the look.

party wear plain sarees

5. Off the beaten path

One of the unconventional yet classy ways of styling party wear plain sarees is the use of a brooch with your saree pallu.

A brooch looks stunning with a plain saree and has the potential to become the centre of attraction when worn neatly. You can go for a design that goes well with your personal style.

After the brooch comes another off beat way of styling plain sarees- the belt. A leather belt tied at the waist will make your saree look simply stunning and classy.

6. Play the tresses game well

Hairstyles can do wonders to the overall look when wearing a plain saree. You can go for elegant styles such as floral buns and fish braids. If you are short on time, you can go for straight hair with soft waves at the end. Add small and beautiful hair accessories to complete the look.

So get set and rock that plain saree in style!

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