5 Tips to Style Wedding Lehengas

style wedding lehengas

Do you need some style tips for wedding lehengas? To be able to style wedding lehengas with complete perfection takes a combination of art and science. You need to know what exactly needs to be done. Only then, it’s possible.
Let us tell you how you can make it happen with our top five tips to style wedding lehengas.
style wedding lehengas

  1. Begin with the right choice of lehenga

First thing that will make the most difference is what lehenga you have chosen. Have you picked the right style according to your body type? What lehenga colors did you consider before finalising the one you have in your hand right now? What about the embroidery?
All of it needs careful planning. You don’t want to directly compete with the bride but you don’t want to look any less beautiful. To look your best, be very specific about the style, color and embroidery of the lehenga.

2. Dupatta Draping Style

Once you have the lehenga on, you need to figure out what to do with the dupatta. Dupatta draping style can truly transform the look of your outfit. Three very popular and fail proof dupatta draping style are

  1. Saree style – you tuck one corner of the dupatta around your waste and then wrap it around your waist like a saree pallu and then let it go over your shoulder, just like a saree. Hence, the name – saree style. The style is best for a traditional lehenga with lots of kalis and even an A-line lehenga with a big flare looks best with such a draping style.
  2. Modern Crushed Style – You just put together a dupatta and let it fall on your arms while it is wrapped around your back. It’s the fuss-free dupatta draping style where you don’t have to deal with the width of the dupatta. However, in this style, you’ll always be having the dupatta in your arms making it tough to move around and be your crazy awesome self.
  3. Chunni Style – you just wear it like a dupatta with a Punjabi suit. You let it get wrapped on your front and fall on your shoulders. It looks really good, especially when you have a rather plain choli but a seriously heavy dupatta.

style wedding lehengas

3. Jewellery

Next important element to style wedding lehengas is the jewellery. Here are three things you need to keep in mind while working on that:

  1. Ditch the necklace:  Seriously, let the bride wear those chunky kundan necklaces. They’re a bit too much otherwise. You can totally skip the necklace altogether and you should.
  2. Focus on the earrings: If you think you’ll miss the necklace, shower all your love on the earrings instead. Big loop earrings, big jhumkas, big hanging earrings, big stud earrings – all of the traditional earring styles look fantastic with wedding lehengas.
  3. Maang Tikka: It’s very much in vogue these days. Maang tikka is a fabulous traditional Indian jewellery to style wedding lehengas.

style wedding lehengas

4. Hairdo

Next, you need to think how you will style your hair. Two best ways to do it is to either go for a bun or a long braid. Both will look fantastic. But wait! You need some more hair accessories. Floral accessories are trending these days. They give a very fresh and lovely look to your outfit. Go for them.

5. Makeup

Lastly, makeup is very important to style wedding lehengas the right way. Just think about it – what if somebody made you for a smoky eye look with a cute pink lehenga. That would be a disaster. Wouldn’t it be?
Therefore, don’t underestimate the makeup. Pick the right shades while doing your face makeup that will complement your outfit, skin tone and your face’s shape.
By following these five tips, there’s no chance of going wrong with wedding lehengas styling. So, be tension free now and think of how you’ll enjoy the actual wedding. That’s important.
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