5 Tips To Buy Fish Cut Lehengas

Tips to Buy Fish cut Lehengas

Fish cut lehengas, or the mermaid style lehengas as more people would know, are one of the most graceful traditional dressing options we have today. They exude elegance and charm, and are characterised by a unique appearance – a narrow tapered look which eventually gives way to a wide bottom. So for all the lovely ladies out there, below are some useful tips that will help you buy fish cut lehengas for any occasion. Here we go!

fish cut lehengas

  • Choose the right material

Because of their unique fit, fish cut lehengas demand that we choose the right material when buying them. If you go for a lehenga with heavy work on it, it might slack because of the extra weight of the embellishments, spoiling the overall look and fit. Go for light-weight material for those flattering curves with fish cut lehengas, that is what we would recommend.

  • Fitting matters

There is nothing more important than fitting when it comes to buying fish cut lehengas. To get that flawless shape and look, ensure that you buy fish cut lehengas that sit very closely on your skin, almost that it feels like second skin on the body. That is how the fitting would make the unique shape and flare of the lehenga stand out and make you look like a rock star. You can always take the help of a tailor to get the measurements in place just in case the lehenga is loose-fitted.

fish cut lehngas

  • The flare that flatters

When buying fish cut lehengas, you also need to take care of the kind of flare that you are going for. This should be in alignment with your body type. First things first, make sure the flare starts at your knees or below it. Anything above the knees will not look flattering. Also, if you have a leaner and tall body frame, you can go for more flare to accentuate your features. Likewise, shorter women should opt for lesser amount of flare so that the lehenga does not draw attention to your height. Just see what works best for you.

  • Quality is of supreme importance

Since we know that fish cut lehengas stand out because of the unique mermaid style, quality of the material can make or mar that mermaid effect. Double check before buying that the lehenga has an inner lining of fine quality cotton cloth to ensure that the lehenga stays in shape with all the embroidery and work done on it. Check for the quality of stitching as well; there should not be any loose threads emanating from the lehenga. These small but significant checkpoints will help you get your money’s worth when buying fish cut lehengas.

  • Experiment to your heart’s delight

The great thing with this style is that you can also opt for fish-cut sarees or even gowns. They look as flattering as a fish-cut lehenga and give the same flared effect. The amount of variety when it comes to the fish-cut style is huge. 

Fish cut lehengas are a class apart from the conventional lehenga choli, and are supremely royal and elegant. These are perfect for any occasion. We hope you have enjoyed reading these tips on buying that perfect fish-cut lehenga. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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