5 Things That Make Brijraj Products Different And Much Better

Brijraj products kurtis | Light Brown Indo-Western Kurti Top

Yes, we have heard it too many times. You can find Brijraj products with other brands. They are selling at half the price. Why should you still buy from us?
Same products? Really?
Half the price? Are they?
Today, we’re going to garner a lot of hate from all those brands you particularly love and prefer. Because we’re going to reveal the secrets that they have well kept for a long time and have used to make a fool of you and rip your hard earned money.
Brijraj products kurtis | Light Brown Indo-Western Kurti Top

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  1. Our no Replicas policy for Brijraj Products

Do you know that most of those half-priced products are replicas? Wait! All of them are replicas. Just imagine! How can they give you a better deal than the manufacturers and wholesalers themselves? If we cannot give you a better deal on a product we have, nobody can.
When they claim they can, they’re just showing you the picture of our product and selling you a replica, made of cheaper quality fabric. Such dresses almost always look different and pathetic as compared the picture. Whereas our dresses always look exactly the same as of that picture (sometimes, even better) and are of high-quality materials. Most importantly, they’re original.

2. Brijraj Products  are safe for skin – Azo-free dyes

Have you ever heard people recommending you to wash the products before you wear them for the first time? It’s because products may have harmful chemicals on them.
Let us share the bigger truth – most of those chemicals don’t go away with a wash. They stay and they mildly corrode your skin and by the time, you notice the changes in your skin, it’s too late.
Brijraj products, however, are always made of azo-free dyes which make them completely safe for your skin.

3. Our Saree width is more than the standard

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Most of the sarees you buy online will have a width of 40 inches. That’s the standard.
But Brijraj products (sarees) are always of 42-44 inches. So, that replica has another drawback – the width is lesser which significantly affects the grace of the product. It won’t look that good.

4. There are double Kalis in the Brijraj Lehengas

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Most of the lehengas out there have four kalis. Ours? Brijraj products? Minimum 8 kalis and we have had lehengas with kalis as much as 28. Yes, that’s the kind of products we deal in but most of the industry, save money on craftsmanship by putting together a lehenga in 4 kalis. It may be the same design but it certainly doesn’t look that good.

5. We don’t lie

Be it our oath to ship you exactly the product we show you or our oath to never sell you a cheap quality replica, we always talk it out. We always are truthful to you. At the same time, we agree sometimes you don’t get the product you expected. Expectations always have a risk involved and until you get the product in your hand, you can’t be 100% sure that you want it. In that case, we widely promote our returns policy because we all understand how women deserve to get exactly what they want. Return as many times as you want! We are always happily ready to serve you until you find the best Brijraj products for yourself.
There you go! Those are the reasons why Brijraj products are far more superior than that cheap replica you have set your eyes on. Which one are you going to choose?

3 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Brijraj Products Different And Much Better

  1. Aaroo Tayal says:

    Thankyou for an eye opening blog!! I actually trust your words because u guys are having online n offline reputation in fashion industry. 6 months back i have been cheated by an online brand (a__f). They dont have a physical showroom. I ordered a dress and churidaar legging and then the amount was eligible for free shiping. But when i got d leggings it was 3/4th length, which was waste for me. I asked for replacement so they said now shipping of 150 will b charged extra…. no response from their end n d product didnt got replaced untill now.

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