5 Styling Tips For Layered Anarkali Suits

Red Net Double Layered Anarkali Suit

Layered Anarkali suits are one of the top regal ethnic outfits of our times. Those multiple layers not only add volume to what you are wearing, but exude an aura of charm and elegance.

So, once you have invested your time and energy in picking the perfect layered Anarkali suits for yourself, the next step is styling them the right way.

The following tips and tricks should help you get the perfect and latest anarkali suit look. Read on to know more.

layered anarkali suits

  1. High heels all the way

The first step towards a royal look is pairing your layered Anarkali with high heels. The reason why we recommend high heels is that they accentuate the layers of your dress, and make you look graceful.

Flats are a big no when it comes to layered Anarkali suits. They take the sheen off the striking layers of your outfit and can make it look like just ‘another’ piece of apparel.

2. Make a statement with jewelery

With layered Anarkali suits, the accessory rule that you need to follow is – ‘less is more’. Go for statement jewellery but opt only for one of the either two- heavy jhumkis, or a heavy statement neckpiece.

Neckpieces work especially well when your dress has a deep neck. Chokers are in vogue this season. You can also experiment with the choice of coloulayered anarkali suits

rs when it comes to statement jewellery.

Opt for something that is in complete contrast to the colour of your outfit. This is one of the hottest fashion trends this season.


3. Jackets work wonders

Yes, ladies, you heard it right! Jackets are the ‘in-thing’ when it comes to ethnic wear these days, and your layered Anarkali is not oblivious to this trend.

You can pair your outfit with a nice jacket with embroidery or embellishments to take the elegance quotient way higher. Jackets are a must-have in your wardrobe when it comes to styling your layered Anarkali.

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4. The right hairstyle matters

With layered Anarkali suits, we highly recommend hairstyles where you do not let your hair open. The primary reason is that the dress already has a lot of flare and layering to it; leaving the hair open will make the overall look too voluminous.

Instead, you should go for elegant and classy buns to complete the look. You can also try the different variations in braids when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle. Fish braids or the side swept braids look really charming.

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5. Drape the dupatta right

Wearing the dupatta right can also do wonders to your layered Anarkali look. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you drape the dupatta sideways if the outfit is really heavy.

This also works well on days when you are looking to accessorise your prized outfit with a statement neck piece.

However, if you are wearing a collar-neck, then you can wear the dupatta around the neck as is the usual convention.

For those who are open to experimentation, a stole instead of the dupatta can be a great way to get that chic look.

We hope these tips will help you put your best foot forward when you adorn your ‘layered’ wonder the next time. Happy dressing up ladies!

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