5 Party Wear Suits Styles You Must Buy This Year

party wear suits styles

Just name that you want party wear suits styles and you will bombarded with information. there are so many styles that it gets baffling. But, the best ones are always few. How about we tell you which are the ones that are selling the most with us? Which party wear suits styles are making us good money in terms of sales all across the internet – be it on our own website, or any other awesome e-commerce platform we’re available at.
If you didn’t know, we have selected amount of products available on websites like Myntra, PayTm, Voonik and LimeRoad. But before you hop on there, know that biggest collection is right here on Brijraj.com.
And today, we’re going to handpick only six party wear suits styles that are bestsellers at the moment. Oh God! Was it tough to handpick six from thousands of designs? Not so much for we had the sales data do the task for us. Let us tell you about the styles now.

  1. Jacket Style Suits: Best Of Brijraj Suit

Back in the early days of FashionAndYou, Best of Brijraj was insanely popular. After that, we just stopped compiling the data of bestsellers and never got around doing Best Of Brijraj. But if we did it today, this product will be on the top of our list.
Jacket style suits are popular anyway but this particular suit with excellent embroidery is something special. We have sold and restocked this design so many times that it’s impossible for us to fathom the popularity of this single design.

2. Heavy Embroidered Anarkali Suits

party wear suits styles
This suit is heavy and we’re not kidding. We have had people return this to us for they thought it was too heavy. It makes us chuckle and at the same time, for those of you who really crave for heavy embroidered suits, it’s all good news.
We believe the beauty of this Anarkali suit is in the cut style embroidery. Instead of a regular border border and neck design, it has that floral embroidery making it look fantastic.

3. Chikankari Embroidered Suits

party wear suits styles
Chikankari embroidery is seeing its best times. Suddenly, there’s this huge demand for chikankari suits which many are unable to meet. We have had so many chikankari suit collections go out of stock even before they could go live on all website we’re present at.
This red chikankari suits from Vinay designs is our favorite for it’s the bestselling piece that has gifted us many loyal customers.

4. Embroidered & Printed Suits For Young Women

party wear suits styles
What about suits that don’t make you look so dolled up for a wedding but are good for normal but important occasions that need you to wear ethnic wear? We suggest a combination of print and embroidery for such outfits. When we talk about print, go beyond normal and pick a suit that has nice print on the front and the back as well. The slight touch of embroidery around the neck makes it look awesome.

5. Zari Work Suits

party wear suits styles
Can they ever go out of style? We bet they can’t. Zari work has always been popular amongst Indian women and it always will be. Zari work is especially popular within wedding wear suits.
Now, when zari work is the constant here, what changes is the style of the bottoms. Pant style and palazzo style bottoms are in vogue at present and there’s no reason for you to give second thoughts to this trend. It looks good on women of all ages and for all occasions. Go for it.

6. Embroidered Anarkali

party wear suits styles
Anarkali suits are another “can never go out of style” item in Indian ethnic wear. They will always be in the trend but design elements in them will keep changing. Thread embroidered Anarkali suits in cute peachy and pink shades are in at the moment.
There you go ladies! Those are six party wear suits styles enchanting Indian women at the moment and helping us make some good bucks due to heavy sales.

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