5 Latest Lehangas Every Indian Girl Needs This Year

latest lehangas designs

Looking for latest lehangas? You’ve landed at just the right place. Lehangas are THE outfit we love to wear during weddings and related functions. Young women love the flair and the way it accentuates their figure. But are you going to spend your entire life wearing the same types of lehangas? If not, then you need to keep reading!

Here are 5 latest lehangas every Indian girl needs this year

  1. A Velvet Lehanga

latest lehangas designs
Velvet is becoming the favorite fabric of Indian women, especially in winters. We do accept that the temperatures are already rising up but you can still pull off a brilliant velvet lehanga if you mind the quality and design.
Go for very dark colors like maroon, navy blue, dark green and black , if you’re going for latest lehangas in velvet fabric.

2. Flared Lehangas

latest lehangas
Think of really really small pleats, as if it wasn’t a lehanga but a frock. Thin but lots of flares on the lehenga give it such a festive and carefree look. Look at yourself when you start moving on the dance floor – that’s when you’ll realize why we recommended such a design to you.
Flared lehengas are awesome. Go get some for yourself and your girl squad.

3. Printed Lehangas

latest lehangas
Sick of that heavy embroidery on the lehangas? Well, it looks fantastic but that doesn’t mean embroidered lehengas are the only option available to you. Digital printed lehangas have been doing the rounds on the fashion show ramps and in real life fashion looks. They look so good with the print being so intricate and small, it’s bound to make you fall in love.

4. Thread Embroidered Lehangas

latest lehangas
When you think of bridal lehangas, you immediately jump to thick embroidery done with golden or silver thread or proper zari. Take a break, girl.
Thread embroidery is here to stay and make you wish your bridal lehenga had the thread embroidery. Think of how your pink lehenga is actually the one where the color comes not from the fabric but the thread embroidery done over it. How heavy and exquisite that would be!
Do you know what’s the best part? You can still have your zari, sequins and stones on the lehanga for that’s what latest lehangas are all about – a little bit of everything.

5. Mind the motifs

latest lehangas
What are the usual motifs you see on the Indian lehangas? Paisleys, some normal flowers and leaves, that’s it? Widen your imagination for there are so many graphic designs available that you will be spoiled with choices.
Yes, there’s a completely new tribe of floral embroidery that’s stealing the show but so are the motifs like birds, peacocks, houses etc. Done in a good manner, these motifs will make you stand out when the entire girl squad is wearing lehangas. Try it!

6. The Darks are in

When it comes to latest lehangas colors, three colors are beating everything else – dark green, dark blue and maroon. These three colors are so beautiful and look great on fabrics like velvet, silk and even, georgette.
What’s best is that dark colors make you look slim. So, if you want to look slim in a lehenga, you should definitely go for any of these three darkies and you won’t regret taking up our advice.
We dare you! Take up our advice and do your lehengas online shopping while following these six points. You will have only compliments on your pick. Try it!
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