5 Bestselling Latest Anarkali Suits Designs this Season

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It happens rarely to the latest Anarkali suits. Instant bestsellers in the e-commerce is much propagated and publicised myth. They don’t happen. A design takes some time to get the love and attention it deserves. But sometimes, exceptions happen. Some designs are truly the instant bestsellers.

Today, we’re going to tell you about our latest Anarkali suits that became an instant bestseller. These Anarkali dresses are popular on every social media and with every reseller we work with. Do you want to know about them? Keep reading! Also, check out latest trends in Anarkali suits in our previous blog post.

  1. Maroon Sequin embroidered Anarkali Suit

latest anarkali suits designs

The best part of this frock style Anarkali dress is, of course, the sequins. Sequins are extremely popular these days but a design with such heavy work of sequins is a rarely found gem. With the beautiful dark red color and dense sequin embroidery, the design is a woman’s dream come true. The, there’s the amazing embroidered sleeves and the high-neck detail which makes your mouth drop with wonder. [Shop]

2. Green Embroidered Floor Length Anarkali suit

latest anarkali suits

Amongst our bestseller latest Anarkali suits, this was a shocker. We put it up, and next day we got tens of orders on this website. Then, the sales never stopped until this went out of stock. We are sure many got disappointed but then, we had to restock it to keep our customers happy.

The dress is such a versatile and traditional kalidar Anarkali dress. The kali’s are just the right width and full of exquisite embroidery. Some of our customers even got this stitched and even with customisation like shortening the length for customers for short height didn’t dull the magic of this beautiful anarkali suit. [Shop]

3. Purple Net Thread Embroidered Anarkali Suit

latest anarkali suits

It’s such a subtle yet stunning piece, especially for middle-aged women. We remember a customer buying over 50 pieces for her family and then, she just sighed for she didn’t have the budget to add another piece. We told her we had last piece but she just couldn’t. We saw her face go sad when she saw this out of stock. But the thing about bestseller ladies suits is that they almost always get restocked. We’re sure she’s happy and so are many people who were waiting for this beauty. [Shop]

4. Peach Anarkali Suit

latest anarkali suits

Anarkali suits with front slit have been another trend which women couldn’t have enough of. The whole idea of front slit is a blessing for plump and even, thin women. The cut in the front let your legs help accentuate your figure in the Anarkali dress. Moreover, there’s has been rise in demand for full thread embroidered Anarkalis and this has been a perfect choice for that. The beads at the bottom was a detail which many women adored. [Shop]

5. Green Embroidered Party Wear Dupion Silk Latest Anarkali Suits

latest anarkali suits

We had tens of designs in this collection and each one of that was a bestseller. But, this green dress with its unique front styling became an instant bestseller in our latest Anarkali suits. It has such intricate golden embroidery, so royal and exquisite that it will make you feel like a true princess. [Shop]

Those are the instant bestsellers from our latest Anarkali suits. All are in stock, as of writing this article and we hope you have a good time shopping for latest suits online at our online store. Happy shopping!

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