10 Types Of Printed Sarees You Must Try

types of printed sarees - digital print

The world of fashion is dynamic; it evolves constantly with the passage of time. Sarees are no exception to this rule. The latest saree trend that is in vogue these days are the printed sarees. Known for a classy yet traditional look, these are loved by women of all age groups. Today, we are going to give you a snapshot of different types of printed sarees that are a rage on the fashion scene. You must definitely try these the next time you are on a shopping spree. Here we go!

1. Floral print sarees

types of printed sarees

Floral print sarees are most appropriate for the summer season. Elegant flowery patterns in a variety of pastel shades is just what you need for that comfortable and breezy feeling on a hot summer day. This one is a winner all the way!

2. Polka dot sarees

For that sophisticated retro look, you can opt for the polka dots printed sarees. These look beautiful when paired with a plain blouse. You also have the option to choose from small, medium, or large-sized dots. Pick what works best according to your body type.

types of printed sarees

3. Block print sarees

For a taste of rural India, block print sarees are the perfect choice. Intricate patterns with a high level of detail are printed on the saree fabric using wooden blocks. Block print sarees look very elegant and are a stunner when it comes to evening gatherings. Definitely a must-have in your wardrobe ladies!

4. Digital print sarees

types of printed sarees - digital print

For that chic look, go for the digital print sarees. These are made through digital technology- graphic patterns are printed on to the sarees. Usually, georgette fabric is used while manufacturing the digital print sarees.

5. Complementary print sarees

If you want the best of different worlds, then the complementary print sarees are for you. These are usually a combination of a couple of patterns. For instance, a polka dots saree with floral patterns interspersed in between would make a complementary print saree. Go for these if you love to experiment.

types of printed sarees

6. Abstract print sarees

If abstract is what defines your sense of fashion, then go for the abstract print sarees. These are a huge hit among modern day women and come in a variety of designs. You can find an awe-inspiring collection of abstract printed sarees at Brijraj Fashions.

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types of printed sarees

7. Zigzag print sarees

The zigzag pattern is a huge hit not only in the Indian market, but also at a global level. The sarees with zigzag prints are ideal for work wear or that formal evening gathering. These usually look stunning in colors such as grey, black, white, brown, blue, and green.

8. Bhandhej print sarees

If you want some flavor from the western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, then go for Bhandhej printed sarees. These are made using a special tie and dye technique, and come in a variety of patterns. Bhandhej sarees are an ideal choice for family celebrations and religious festivals.

9. Calligraphic print sarees

For those who love to look different, calligraphic print sarees are a must try. Bold writing in stylish fonts and dark hues, over a light hued fabric base is what sets calligraphic sarees apart. You can also get custom-made calligraphic sarees with text of your choice; a great way to make a style statement that is unique to your personality!

10. Nature print sarees

types of printed sarees

If you are a nature lover, then nature print sarees are just what the doctor ordered for you. These come in a variety of patterns such as trees, leaves, animals, forests, hues of the ocean, and the like. In a nutshell, anything that is natural comes under this category of printed sarees. A refreshing change from the conventional sarees, these are a must-try!

We hope you have enjoyed this round up on different types of printed sarees. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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